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So I finally started watching a sentai on TokuSHOUTsu, namely Timeranger... it's fuckin' rad! Why have I never done this before? Looking forward to meeting the Vergil Ranger's Japanese counterpart.


The core gameplay of Battle For The Grid is a ton of fun!... and the story mode sucks a LOT. Might do a blog for the first time in like a year just to express my thoughts on this one.


Fucking finally got Battle for the Grid to start downloading. Now let's hope it doesn't have an error before it finishes.


Kinda thinking that Nintendo's only announcement for E3 is that they will be actually fixing their firmware update.


Okay but my dudes The Outer Worlds 2. I know a lot of you guys didn't like the first game but it was my fave of 2019.


Error 2123-1502 is not fixed as I found out the hard way. Nintendo really ought to get their shit together.


Taxes? Evaded. IRS? After me. Hotel? Trivago.


No interest in Evil Genius but goddamn if this doesn't slap.


Would really like it if Nintendo's update rollback happened for me seeing as I generally don't like the idea of corruption on my system...


When I learned of Miura's passing, I mentioned his interviews and some people asked to see some of them. I finally found them again and I'll link them in the comments.


Has anyone posted this before?


I would kill for a solid PAYDAY-type game where you played as the Lupin Gang.


Okay but I had a dream that DOOM and Chainsaw Man crossed over the other day and that was good stuff


Next up on the list for the SO was Monty Python and the Holy Grail! She seemed to like it.


Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!


2 weeks ago, my boy Hector finally had a good day. I respect that.


He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.




There is a song entitled Laser Raptor 3D. That is all.


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