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Apparently a character comes with the FFVII music DLC for Smash Ultimate? That's weird.


Stop the presses it's a hedgedog.


First post of 2021, pretty glad it's this one.


Final post of 2020. I'm glad it's this one.


Best villain of 2020, go. Happy New Years' Eve from Wisconsin.


Just a casual reminder that you can play Fallout: New Vegas entirely in-character as any of the main cast of Highlander, meaning it is literally the best piece of fiction ever made.


Best indie action games not called Hades or Hotline Miami? I need recommendations.


The next time someone bothers me I'm gonna hit them with "Get thee gone from my gate, jail-crow of Mandos!" They probably won't understand, but they'll hopefully be confused enough to leave anyways.


Finished DMC 5 again. Am currently the storm that is approaching.


Got the SO to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera and this is now a Repo! appreciation account. Have a nice day. (Video is super violent, not workplace stuff. Funny though!)


Duel of the Fates but it's also One-Winged Angel. Please inject this into my veins.


The Batman Rogue's Gallery has one member with a braincell and it's Killer Croc.


We all know the Smash character already. In our hearts. It's Skeletor, guys. It's always Skeletor. In our hearts.


...How do I get Dragon Age: Origins to actually work? It's super good but keeps crashing.


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