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Shit, Sabaton is in Minnesota on October 5, with Hammerfall opening for them. It's times like this I wish I weren't broke.


Kill la Kill leaves Netflix today. Unsure about other Trigger anime.


Platinum should make a JoJo game. Discuss.


For I beheld Satan as he FELL FROM HEAVEN!


This is the only Griffith that did nothing wrong. At worst, he knocked over a few vases.


I have nothing relevant or interesting to say, so here's a gif of a dog.


HOT TAKE: I actually like The Last Jedi.


Daenerys, Griffith, and Thanos should fight.


I have nothing interesting or relevant to post today, so here's a cute dog video.


Daenerys did nothing wrong.




Huh. I wonder who died this week of Game of... oh. OH. OH! OH, GOD.


I recently discovered Google Docs are poor at processing documents with large numbers of words. They slowly start falling apart until trying to write feels like reality is crumbling. Clearly, it's a security measure against George R.R. Martin.


HOT TAKE: Thanos and Griffith should fight.


Someone mentioned Telltale GoT, so I found Talia's Song again. The game's average, but the song and characters involved are great, and the fact the Forresters never get to show up on the show itself is a crime. Fight on, Lord Ethan.


This sort of weird animation project is one of my favorite things to encounter on the internet. It reminds me of older times when we got neat little stuff, not great, not bad, stuff like Nazo Unleashed or SMBZ.


The best thing about pre-Fallout 4 gib mechanics is dismembering enemies and then moving their bodies around to make it look like they just partied too hard. I might be a bad person.


I started replaying Fallout: New Vegas for the billionth time. This time I got out with some gold for the Sierra Madre and I'm set for life. Also, slaughtering every guard in The Tops makes me question why I chose to negotiate with Benny in other runs.


Why I love Stellaris

So, I absolutely love Stellaris, Paradox Interactive's strategy game in which you run a space-faring empire of any sort. You have all sorts of selectable ethics and civics, and, in something I rarely experience, the ability to ac...


Griffith is also hot even if he did everything wrong. Change my mind. This post is sponsored by Torch.


Frieza is hot. Change my mind.


What game did you know was good and you were supposed to like but couldn't finish? For me it was Sleeping Dogs. Good reviews, good story, so-so combat, fun missions, but the open world felt so empty and lifeless that I became unable to finish.


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