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Lords of Shadow 2 was kinda fun in spite of itself.


"Let's Get Dangerous!" was truly delightful. Pic unrelated.


I'm not too fond of Lords of Shadow 2, but the Hooded Man fight is 100% pure concentrated awesome.


Arsene Lupin bows before the thieving prowess of The Grinch.


guys... don't freak out... but i think i might have been the boomer this whole time.


Damn, missed our freaky Friday event and thus the opportunity to say Griffith did everything wrong on Torchman's account. RIP.


#warfu. Someone already did Bayo so it was my duty to give us the other MILF witch.


I too am the storm that is approaching.


Steve could be very fun but I feel attacked by his inclusion. I'd have preferred Dante of course, but y'know...


This debate is really making me feel like Milton was onto something with that whole "Tenure of Kings and Magistrates" thing.


Someone was playing "I Hate Everything About You" and I politely informed them I liked it better when Tom Lehrer did it.


2020 is just playing the opening of Dead Space 2 on loop


I want a Devil May Cry game soundtracked by The Protomen. Admit it, that'd be incredible.


Do you know how many people have died screaming Leeroy Jenkins? More than zero!


Can we get an F in the chat for Dark Crystal Age of Resistance? I'm never gonna not be mad


Was nobody gonna tell me that the Scooby-Doo Halloween special has them go up against The Scarecrow? As a huge Scarecrow enthusiast this sounds kinda fun.


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