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Byleth will be forgivable only if we get a Shadow the Hedgehog skin for Mii Gunner.


I could live with Byleth if Byleth had functioned like Pokemon trainer and just threw the House leaders into the arena.


Senator Armstrong did nothing Senator Armwrong.


I didn't expect to say this, especially not here, but Xbox Game Pass for PC is good shit. A lot of good games, especially indies, for $5.00 a month. Plus, it's a good way to get out of going to the Epic store. Always a bonus.


Please read Weapon Brown. Thank you for your time.


Riley1sCool's Top Ten Games of the Decade

For most, Christmas is a time to celebrate with family. For me, Christmas is a time to celebrate the massive Steam sale that'll mean I finally get some titles I was looking for. Very nice, very nice. Well, as we all know, the 2010s are...


I guess Rise of Skywalker happened. (Some thoughts in comments.)


King of Cards is fun, but man, is Joustus utter bullshit.


A Continuation on LISA

The following will contain spoilers for all the LISA games. A while ago, I did a blog on LISA: The Painful RPG, which is a game I really enjoyed and felt had good commentary and deconstructionist elements. Well, recently, I purcha...


If the Devilman Crybaby theme doesn't exit my brain, I'm suing.


Norman Reedus. Norman Fetus. Fetus Reedus.


Tomorrow... Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus.


A Very Lengthy Rant on Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 trailer gave me chills. After years of lore fuckups and retcons, seeing Overwatch get back together in the trailer was a thing of beauty. Between that and the announcement of a desperately-needed PVE mode that I wi...


Finally finished Metro 2033. Good-ass game, disappointed I got the bad ending.


BoB: Fallout 2

Let's talk Fallout 2, a game I never finished. It's considered a classic, and I can definitely see why, but no matter how often the game throws a badass power-armored Michael Dorn in my face, I won't ever see it through. With ...


I finished a bit in Outer Worlds, and downloaded Bloodstained. Evidently, Game Pass has a decent selection.


I'm getting Xbox Game Pass for Outer Worlds. Wish me luck!


On a scale of 1 to 10, how worth it would it be to use the Epic Store if only to play Outer Worlds?


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