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King of Cards is fun, but man, is Joustus utter bullshit.


A Continuation on LISA

The following will contain spoilers for all the LISA games. A while ago, I did a blog on LISA: The Painful RPG, which is a game I really enjoyed and felt had good commentary and deconstructionist elements. Well, recently, I purcha...


If the Devilman Crybaby theme doesn't exit my brain, I'm suing.


Norman Reedus. Norman Fetus. Fetus Reedus.


Tomorrow... Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus.


A Very Lengthy Rant on Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 trailer gave me chills. After years of lore fuckups and retcons, seeing Overwatch get back together in the trailer was a thing of beauty. Between that and the announcement of a desperately-needed PVE mode that I wi...


Finally finished Metro 2033. Good-ass game, disappointed I got the bad ending.


BoB: Fallout 2

Let's talk Fallout 2, a game I never finished. It's considered a classic, and I can definitely see why, but no matter how often the game throws a badass power-armored Michael Dorn in my face, I won't ever see it through. With ...


I finished a bit in Outer Worlds, and downloaded Bloodstained. Evidently, Game Pass has a decent selection.


I'm getting Xbox Game Pass for Outer Worlds. Wish me luck!


On a scale of 1 to 10, how worth it would it be to use the Epic Store if only to play Outer Worlds?


Thoughts on Far Cry 2

So this is going to be quicker than my usual blog entries, but I thought I ought to say some things about Far Cry 2, one of the most excellent games I've ever played, and in some ways, one of the worst. There also won't be any pic...


After literally two months and $40.00 extra, I finally got Hearts of Iron III to run on Windows 10. It's fun but seriously bleh.


My JoJoke made it to hot. I'll post it when I get home because it's on my home computer.


Fine, Epic. You got me for one second for the Arkham games and all their DLC. Don't fucking blow it until I'm done adding them all to my library, or I will uninstall your launcher.


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