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Took a lot of work, but I beat Hades. The guy and the game.


Just gonna leave this here.


Just gonna leave this here.


Finished Outer Worlds. Good game.


Jedi Academy no longer runs at all on my computer. Send help.


Incredibly warm take: Star Wars Rebels is actually pretty good and we just gave it the shaft because Clone Wars is better. (Which it is.)


Byleth will be forgivable only if we get a Shadow the Hedgehog skin for Mii Gunner.


I could live with Byleth if Byleth had functioned like Pokemon trainer and just threw the House leaders into the arena.


Senator Armstrong did nothing Senator Armwrong.


I didn't expect to say this, especially not here, but Xbox Game Pass for PC is good shit. A lot of good games, especially indies, for $5.00 a month. Plus, it's a good way to get out of going to the Epic store. Always a bonus.


Please read Weapon Brown. Thank you for your time.


Riley1sCool's Top Ten Games of the Decade

For most, Christmas is a time to celebrate with family. For me, Christmas is a time to celebrate the massive Steam sale that'll mean I finally get some titles I was looking for. Very nice, very nice. Well, as we all know, the 2010s are...


I guess Rise of Skywalker happened. (Some thoughts in comments.)


King of Cards is fun, but man, is Joustus utter bullshit.


A Continuation on LISA

The following will contain spoilers for all the LISA games. A while ago, I did a blog on LISA: The Painful RPG, which is a game I really enjoyed and felt had good commentary and deconstructionist elements. Well, recently, I purcha...


If the Devilman Crybaby theme doesn't exit my brain, I'm suing.


Norman Reedus. Norman Fetus. Fetus Reedus.


Tomorrow... Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus.


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