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With talks of Xbox gamepass and Live coming on to the Nintendo Switch, is there a possibility that we'll see old properties from Rare make a grand return? Banjo, Conker?


I wish a really good TMNT game would be created. Really hope the franchise gets the Arkham treatment, it's long overdue.


Am I the only one that never got into the whole "battle royale" genre?


High hopes for the direct tomorrow! Fire Emblem, Smash DLC and hopefully a surprise at the end. What are your hopes, dreams and fears?


Dragon Ball RPG announced. Really have high hopes for this.


What's a bad game that you absolutely love to play?


Wow, the Bandai Namco stream today was the WORST stream I've ever watched. Advertising that there were going to be big reveals for fighterz and literally revealing nothing but a casual card game is really upsetting.


Physical or digital games? I personally love physically owning my games, but can see the appeal of not having to change the disc every time.


Let's be brutally honest...we've all rage quit MULTIPLE times during our gaming careers.


Season 2 announcement for Dragon Ball Fighterz on Jan 14! Please give us more Tournament of Power content.


What's a popular, well received game that you just can't enjoy? Mine is Metal Gear Solid 5.


Dragon Quest 11 deserves DLC. Such a fantastic and yet underrated series.


Is anyone else a trophy/achievement hunter around here?


If Jump Force was a competitive fighting game with Arc Systems styled graphics it would be a dream come true.


Does anyone feel that the stealth in Spider-man was lackluster? It always frustrated me that enemies would magically know my location after one wave thus making it impossible to complete mob hideouts with stealth alone.


For anyone that's a fan of Rocksteady Studios, what is your prediction for their next game?


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