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Finished my "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" marathon the day FFXIV released Blue Mages. Feels linked. Really thinking about doing my first FFV playthrough to appreciate this neat-o class. What are some Blue Mage equivalents/builds you like?


Oh, Namco. Namco, Namco, Namco. You don't release a stream where you don't announce anything new. You don't promise "big" reveals beforehand. You just don't do it. I thought you knew better than this. Wait for the end of January, I guess.


For those who care, a 1-hour stream on Dragon Ball games is coming up in 3 hours. FighterZ and Xenoverse stuff expected. Hopefully they don't beat around the bush too much like they always do in Japanese streams.


I've come to the conclusion that as long as the horizontal acceleration is good, I'm down for any amount of floatiness. When your favourite game is Dissidia Duodecim, you eventually just accept fake flight as normal. Being a Sonic Adventure fan helps.


Cutting your hand off to improve punch power sounds like some sort of power ritual a real-life speedrunner would use. #Observatoid


After over a year of putting it off, I finally finished Wakfu season 3. Weakest of the seasons, but not bad. Started very formulaic, got crazy by the end and concluded on a big cliffhanger. The wait begins anew. (Also, hey, that doll came back.)


Just remembered that Mortal Kombat X technically has 100 characters, and my brain is imploding all over again. You ever just stop to appreciate EFFORT in a video game? EDIT: Okay, not quite as much effort as I'd like. Still appreciate it, though.


After millions of years trapped in limbo, I finally aligned my chakras and pulled Bayonetta 2's Switch port out of the void before me. Now, finally, I can ruin myself on action games forever.


Old news, but I just learned that NetherRealm Studios, in their infinite wisdom and madness, included a code to turn off variations in MKX. This actually gives a couple characters move pools and appearances they wouldn't normally have. Real good stuff.


Pardon the low quality, but I needed to show the WEIRDEST thing in Sonic Adventure DX. Knuckles has a bonus mission where he examines a set of signs with JPEGs on them, and the options include Unleashed, Sonic 4, Sonic '06, and Sonic X (Chris included)!


Doing my gameplay-focused nostalgia run of Sonic Adventure DX, and while the game is still FUN, I now understand that there is no polish whatsoever. Still the best official 3D Sonic gameplay, but it needs a full remake with bigger and better levels.


AGDQ time, with what may be the strongest day 1 lineup I've ever seen. Here's to a good one! Shave the animals.


Alright, folks. The hour is at hand. Time to put this article together.


Yowsers, you can actually see the exact moment Hideaki Itsuno stepped onto DMC2!


Article is coming Thursday. Couldn't quite make it today. At least I'm actually writing rather than doing nothing! New year's resolution goooooo!!!


Couldn't quite finish my little premiere writing project before 2019 swept in, so I'm gonna' have to post it tomorrow. I hope you can all tolerate a GOTY article on January 1st. Happy new year!


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Howdy. I have many names, but you can call me Uncle Arena Fighter.

I'm on a crusade t'save and edumacate 'bout those weird creations know as "arena fighters". If you want know anything about them, please ask.

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As for a bit about myself, I am an aspiring writer and game designer. I'm Canadian, and thus subject to raised Canadian game prices! Woo! I'm also a real uncle, believe it or not. Not an old one, but most likely a weird one.

And in case you didn't catch it the first time, ask me anything about arena fighters. I know a little about a lot of things.