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Flame Hyenard's screaming and the average health of an X7 boss have been well-documented. But there's so much more madness to his fight! What's with all his clones and the giant, missile-launching robo-bull?! ...Anyways, Freeware Friday's up.


I don't finish projects late, I finish projects /late at night./ The second Freeware Friday is up, covering a character action-platformer emulating Megaman Zero, as well as its predecessor.


The… MADMEN at Arc… just announced the singleplayer mode for Granblue Fantasy Versus… it's an RPG beat-'em-up… with local and online co-op. I gotta'… I gotta' sit down… Not since Brawl have I seen such opulence in a fighting game.


Article's up, and aaaall the images are borked. Works fine everywhere else, including right here. Is that a thing with PNGs? Certain resolutions? Wanna' do the best I can.


Pulling the trigger on a long-term writing project, and making it public right away. I'll see you tomorrow...


Capcom has broken new ground ny confirming their Street Fighter V leak right away. Props, I'm impressed. https://mobile.twitter.com/StreetFighter/status/1156742613078302720


The Kill la Kill IF PS4 demo is out now and free in most countries; it comes with pre-orders in the US and Canada. I was buying the game no matter what, so I'll get it tomorrow. To be continued.


I found it. Mezquita Hearts, a real Kingdom Hearts fighting game. I dug too deep to get here... my soul... is in... pieces. I leave you... with... thissssss......


I think the Dragon Quest Heroes look more interesting in Smash Ultimate than Banjo and Kazooie, who I find plain. AND I CURRRRRSE YOU ALL TO ENDURE AT LEAST ONE MORE SWORD CHARACTER BEFORE THE FIGHTERS PASS IS THROUGH! EEEEEE-HEEHEEHEEEEEE!


Went insane from pre-E3 news drought. Over past week, played 8 hours of the Black Desert Online trial, and downloaded over 10 free fighting games. All of it is good. All of it is good. All of good All good All good AAAAll g-g-g-g-g-GGHCKK


Here's a short n' sweet article about boss fundamentals in action games. A summary would steal its thunder, but I like the emphasis on making the player move a lot. I'll pay attention to that in the future. https://www.patreon.com/posts/26838015


Just discovered a parallel Chris Carter that reviews movies instead of games.


Combining two posts for maximum mechanical efficiency. Happy birthday, Final Fantasy VII Remake. I heard that the Kingdom Hearts 2 battle planner was working on Torchman, so I have absolute faith that he'll turn out good.


Steam and PSN are having a legendary Golden Week sale, and... I don't even know. I don't even know! I don't even know. Here, just... throw game suggestions at each other, and maybe at me. I don't even know.


If you're looking for a pure celebration and discussion of Mortal Kombat's history, I wrote an article listing 5 characters I'd like to come back. Thing is, it's published on another news site, so I'm leery about linking. If you want to read, check below.


I have spent an hour and a half trying to articulate the whiplash that Sarazanmai has left me with. It is goofy, it is feel-bad, and it is deeply complicated. I'm in for the long haul. There better be a soundtrack at the end of all this.


I recommend the anime "Sarazanmai". It is... quirky, and vaguely unsettling. Possessed of an otherworldly beauty, and weird butt stuff. Don't look anything up, just... watch. Destructoid, this one's... for you?


I landed a writing internship at a geek media magazine. Pretty great so far. There's nothing big in entertainment happening in the next three months, right?


I've been owned by the Nintendo Direct rumour. Thought I was above it, but I guess not. Time to start expecting nothing again.


I've bought into the Nintendo Direct rumour more than I intended, and am already suffering.


This one's a real relationship strainer (or so I've read…), but it must be done, and the time is now. Can Dragon Quest be Dragon Quest without Toriyama's art style? I say yes.


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