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My partner told me that her boobs have gotten so big it was hard to find a bra big enough in Lane Bryant.


My plan was to proudly show off the beer I’m drinking. But, this is fucking terrible. That’s the last time I base my purchasing decisions on pictures of dragons. OK, that’s a lie.


Why do Christians persistently treat me as if I have some aversion crosses, churches, and the name of Christ? It’s like they don’t understand there’s a difference between “atheist” and “vampire”.


This is one of the goat albums. Been coming back to it a lot recently.


This fits neatly next to my “Ana Ng” post from awhile back. So timeless. Has not lost one iota of artistic or entertainment value over the years, imho.


One of my guilty pleasure moments! Any music you’re ashamed to like?


This question is going to sound very odd, but I assure you all I am asking this sincerely. How does one know if they are non-binary?


I’m going to present spite to the world, and my first copyright will be also cocks.


Last one tonight, I promise. Getting some great nostalgia vibes here.


Continuing he theme of “new songs by old artists”. Remember Donovan? Mello Yellow? Atlantis? Sunshine Superman? Well, interesting new collab with… David Lynch.


‘s not my fav New Order track. But I heard it the other day in Target. I’m not sure what Target radio criteria is, but the fact that one of the greatest bands ever can get their new song played in a major hypermart after all these years seems pretty c


“Listen to the prophets. Everything they said, yo, it should be read.” I already posted this under my other post. But damn, this line really hits me. I don’t really identify as a member of any religious or philosophical school, but always something


Have I shared this before? Probably. Whatever. This is GOAT shit.


OK, so I posted a new blog, but I’m not seeing it in my sidebar yet, but maybe check it out? Anyways, it’s Friday, so I’m drinking and posting videos. Tonight’s theme: Eurodance! Starting off with everyone’s favorite illuminati sect, the JAMS!


OK, I know I’m a lightweight, but I’m not usually this buzzed after my first beer. 8.5%? Not bad! Tastes good too! I often drink wine with more alcohol, but that’s wine-sized glasses.


It’s Friday! Another night of beer and metal videos! \m/


Hey Occams [something clever] birthday! [weird picture]


Been playing Indivisible on Amazon Luna. This game is pretty awesome. The combat is a weird thing to get a feel for. But the platforming is pretty solid, the artwork is beautiful, and the characters are charming. Razmi may be the best character ever made.


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Near the beginning of the millennium, I wrote an opinion column titled "My Twenty-Five Cents" in a short lived zine titled "Classic Gamer Magazine" iirc. I used the pen name "Damien Quicksilver" at the time. I get thoughts about gaming that I feel the urge to write about from time to time, so this is something of a reprisal I suppose. If there is somehow anyone out there who remembers that zine, that would be amazing. It was made with a group of folks I met in rec.games.video.classic on Usenet. If there is somehow anyone out there who remembers what Usenet is, you're old. If you don't know what Usenet was, it was basically the cretaceous period equivalent of Reddit.