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The new kirby game looks amazing. Been waiting for that Castlevania Advance Collection. And I think the Mario movie will be really good. Where's the demo for that weird-maybe-good card RPG at? Biggest disappointment? The Sega Genesis games.


I'm nervous whenever the doctor gives me an IV. I always wonder why they skipped the first three?


okay, so, I posted a new blog. also, I mentioned a couple bands as "probably" being top ten, so I'm gonna post an official top ten best bands ever...


Mixed feelings here. The Smiths and 3oh!3 are both probably top ten all time bands for me. Really been digging this track tho.


Classic fav for tonight’s drinking. Some vaguely related and unrelated comments to follow.


I still haven’t messed with trying for figure out the modern method of fp posts…


On a vacation out of town, got to play Wacca in arcade. Wish we had it in my town. If you like rhythm games, this is absolute best in class. Highly recommend, 💯 *bump* Okay, first time I’ve bumped one of my posts. Has anyone else played this game?


This country is deeply divided. Politics have become overly polarized. But I think we can find common ground. Neither Trump nor Biden make my pp hard.


Okay, so I almost never listen to country. But I heard this (apparently not new) song for the first time today, in an Arby’s. I had to look it up, cos the lyrics just somehow spoke to me. #arbitrarycountrytuesday


Downloaded D4DJ Groovy Mix this morning. I kinda hate promoting a F2P Gacha mobile game, but this game is so insanely fun I’ve been playing it all day.


Okay you hip youngsters, explain cold brew coffee to me.


I said “DELETE ME” only so the mods could get rid of extra copies of triple post! Y’all taking it out of context!


I like to share my awful taste in music. Have I done this one yet?


1. Cruis’n Blast 2. Zelda Game & Watch 3. WarioWare: Get it Together!


Instead of remake FF1 with 3D, demake FF7+ with 2D. Also release the FF1-6 physically on Switch. I’m not buying mobile or Steam.


Sorry that I repeatedly hit “post” until something happens. It’s like a crosswalk.


So, I’m feeling more interested in the Playdate than I think I should be. When they show how the music app plays video in a windows that totally looks like something outta a Mac Plus, that’s some real nostalgia feels there. Two things I want tho. Firs


Well most y’all jived wit it last time I posted Night Club, so maybe some y’all will grok more of my shame. Doesn’t hurt that I think INXS were fucking GODS.


I want to tell jokes while wearing a Garfield costume. Should help me become a stand-up comic.


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Near the beginning of the millennium, I wrote an opinion column titled "My Twenty-Five Cents" in a short lived zine titled "Classic Gamer Magazine" iirc. I used the pen name "Damien Quicksilver" at the time. I get thoughts about gaming that I feel the urge to write about from time to time, so this is something of a reprisal I suppose. If there is somehow anyone out there who remembers that zine, that would be amazing. It was made with a group of folks I met in rec.games.video.classic on Usenet. If there is somehow anyone out there who remembers what Usenet is, you're old. If you don't know what Usenet was, it was basically the cretaceous period equivalent of Reddit.