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An Open Letter to Game Developers:

I have become increasingly aware of the lack of local multiplayer in games. It's becoming more and more rare, and it has come to the point where even when it is included it's severely limited or poorly implemented, becoming especially evide...


A couple of questions:

Stuff I've been wondering and figure someone may be able to help me with. 1) Is there any way to tell between a backwards compatible PS3 and one that isn't just off the specs? I've been running about auction websites, but I don't have the ...


Do the Wrong Thing: Subjective Evil

"How many men have you killed? How many, just today?" This, not from a cop or a judge, but from a genocidal maniac at the end of a recent game. It may be cliché but he's right. Where is the difference between hero and villain, good and ev...


Nothing is Sacred: Violence is not the Answer

Violence is the question. The answer is always "yes." Most games require you to face enemies to advance the plot, and give you a set of tools to do this with. Most of the tools are weapons, only on rare occasions stunners or tranquilizers...


Nothing is Sacred: Formula of Foul Play

I wasn't particularly motivated to do a image search on murder or it's synonyms, so this'll be pretty straight forward. As people who play video games, we kill a lot of things. An amazing number of things. Ridiculous, outlandish, made up n...


Nothing is Sacred: Old School

Hi, I'm new here, and I figured for my first post I'd tear down your childhood. You might call me an oldschool gamer in the same way you might call this metaphor complete. I grew up with the NES. My first RPG was the original Final Fanta...


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I am a people, I am a college student, I am a gamer. I am also rather new at this blogging bit, and decided that Monthly Musings seemed like a not bad way to acclimate to writing things that people will read. I'll add more as it's relevant.
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