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I work around a bunch of some of the "brighest" students the world has to offer. It's a Big Ten school. I noticed an Asian student with two phones on table. They both displayed a Pokemon game, and it appears his opponent was himself.


Too Much Killing

  I was talking with a co-worker and mentioned that I need to change things up. I'm always killing something. Monsters, animals, aliens, robots and other humans. I'm racking up more kills than a cat in a cheese factory. It's eith...


What video editor do you use, and why? Has anyone used the free online editors?


Some silicon sister with a managin mister told me I got what it takes!


Got off work, got Steak&Shake, got home. Two steps inside and I knock over and spill my milkshake. Rage. https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/2lSOBocySsmad25045nq


Hello Bracketeers! With rd1 done, we have a tight race, only one bracket down thus far. Speaking of that, tatergimp should be in Vegas. Being 99.2% wrong, ALL of the time is just as effective as having a time machine. Pick his opponent, and cash in!


The older I get, the more pics like this just make me sad.


It is coming.


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