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Silly thought of the day. Ever watch a season of a TV show and realize you don't know what's going on plotwise? Can't remember half the char names or stories? I envision a website like Wiki that let's fans craft quizes about each episode. More in comments




Took 5 seasons, but Batman finally made an appearance on Gotham. One of the dumbest ideas for a show i've ever heard of turned out a masterpiece. If you have not seen it, make time to check out the first few. It's basically origin stories for all villains


As it turns out, you CAN use a Keurig cup 2wice!


Anyone still play pinball? On a whim I went looking and found pinballmap.com, which also has an app. It shows all the games near you and let's you search for specific games. If you want to check this out and possibly collaborate on a project, let me know!


Everyone should follow my lead until Aurachad "gets the picture". 😎 📷


I work around a bunch of some of the "brighest" students the world has to offer. It's a Big Ten school. I noticed an Asian student with two phones on table. They both displayed a Pokemon game, and it appears his opponent was himself.


Too Much Killing

  I was talking with a co-worker and mentioned that I need to change things up. I'm always killing something. Monsters, animals, aliens, robots and other humans. I'm racking up more kills than a cat in a cheese factory. It's eith...


What video editor do you use, and why? Has anyone used the free online editors?


Some silicon sister with a managin mister told me I got what it takes!


Got off work, got Steak&Shake, got home. Two steps inside and I knock over and spill my milkshake. Rage. https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/2lSOBocySsmad25045nq


Hello Bracketeers! With rd1 done, we have a tight race, only one bracket down thus far. Speaking of that, tatergimp should be in Vegas. Being 99.2% wrong, ALL of the time is just as effective as having a time machine. Pick his opponent, and cash in!


The older I get, the more pics like this just make me sad.


It is coming.


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