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Anyone got some advice might spend the weekend playing Elite Dangerous.


Lok-Tar Ogar! https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/22990080/mark-your-calendars-wow-classic-launch-and-testing-schedule


Does anyone play that good'ol Runescape anymore??


Hiding cables level 9000, makes you feel so sexy.


Going to be playing some Anthem this evening if anyone is interested to see who it looks and plays with out someone else's opinion feel free to check out my twitch page. https://www.twitch.tv/raunchybeanbag


Got the day off, any PC players wanna jump into some Rb6 add me on uplay RaunchyBeanBag


Is there anyone that is currently looking to add anyone one their Rainbow 6 Siege team? Ive been playing for years. I can never find a solid team to get the W's


Anyone else really missing Club Penguin as much as I am? Yours Truly Mr. BeanBag Yours Truly Mr. BeanBag


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