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Been messing with programing again, made a "3D" maze.


Don’t worry I got coffee for everyone, this mix is so good I had to share :)


Shameless plug to my frogger mario maker level


Made some Pad Thai today, used chunky peanut butter and it worked:)


Big boi be cleaned up and marked now all is needed is a clean semi UV protection clear coat.


Thanks Secret Santa!!! Both of these look wonderful and just to put you at ease I have not read the vision before:)


Thanks secret Santa, thanks for the fantastic CD 💿


Sometimes I love the fact that Francis Ford Coppola... spawned this music video.(In that his son made it LOL)


Mike don’t get too excited (leg pic in comments)


I know its a gotcha game but I have been having a pretty good time playing it.


Here is a good slow jam, hope you like it.


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