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So I guess I have bad taste in games... I really am digging Balanwonderland. It’s too addictive to feed the tims


“This is why we don’t let Earl drive” Happy Birthday Funkotron’s Finest!


Got the Covid shot in my mouse hand and my score in Aim Lab got boosted from 62000 to 67580. I wonder it will be like when I get the next one :D


I have been reading through Guyver and I am shocked by how good it is.


Happy birthday Alphadeus, love all the wonderful tracks!


Happy birthday bass you lean coding machine :)


This strangely is better than the original dub


Whelp no RTX 3060 for me, no huge deal. Just gonna keep saving and pick up G&GR and Default 2


Been messing with programing again, made a "3D" maze.


Don’t worry I got coffee for everyone, this mix is so good I had to share :)


Shameless plug to my frogger mario maker level


Made some Pad Thai today, used chunky peanut butter and it worked:)


Big boi be cleaned up and marked now all is needed is a clean semi UV protection clear coat.


Thanks Secret Santa!!! Both of these look wonderful and just to put you at ease I have not read the vision before:)


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