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PSA: You can now use the Pokken Controller for ANY GAME!!!!!!! I was playing Volgar today and I bumped my Pokken controller that was plugged in and it brought up the controller screen. I swapped to that controller and to my surpusie every button wor


Well it is done, I have used all of my film making skills and knowlege of A/V to break down the laws of physics and practicality to usher in a new age of... Streaming on my cell phone with every cheat possible. I am aiming for Dtiod TV :D


If you liked Prison High School you should watch My First Girlfriend is a Gal. Same characters and style but different story.


Schooled: What Gaming Has Taught Me

I think that it was about a year ago in search of more Metroid games and other news I ran into a rom hack called Metroid Plus that my cousin bought a repo cartridge of. Rom hacks were nothing new at the time but it always confused me a...


Mother's fever broke, thanks for the support :)


Ever have one of those moments when you get everything you have needed for years... But then a huge crisis pops up? More in comments


Well I am very much a no no it's never go to Walmart for a midnight release for Amiibo. Not only do the store clerk do not understand what you want, but they don't want to even bother checking for an item that is a side by side release with a game


There should be a special hell for Splatoon 2 players in ranked that don't use their special abilities... Cmon guys it's S league... how did you get here???


Apparently PayPal denied Water Melon their preorder money for PAPRIUM so I am going to have to wait till next year as they are now self financing the initial order. Apparently a massively well selling Sega Genesis in 2017 is suspicious 😒


Well everything has gone wrong today. Had to stay four hours at work making it a 12 hour shift and I then went to get my pants himmed... locked my keys in my car... road side service is late so the pizza I ordered is sitting in a warmer...


Made it to S rank in Splatoon 2 in Rain Maker


Little Witch Academia is too cute, going to binge watch it


So Capcom said they are evaluating the Switch by Monster Hunter XX sales... don't know if I should be excited cause sales are good... or to be worried cause it was a Japan only title.


So I just finished Aldnoah Zero... and I have a terrible taste in my mouth... Any good anime you recommend?


So I found a random video in my watch later and I hope you are having a good monday!


Sitting in line waiting to pee in a cup, being adult is hard.


Well I did it, I bought a keyboard for my phone and now I basically have a very tiny laptop with me everywhere. On the plus side it is super convent, but on the other side I sill cannot play iOS games well XD


Well after getting back from my vacation I decided that I wanted to play dark souls again... But DS1 even with the DSfix cannot run with a stable frame rate on my computer so I skipped to DS2... But I picked SOTFS because it has all the DLC. more in


Went to a cool arcade in Massachusetts with my dad called Quarters. They had a lot of the classics


Sry about the repost but I hope you all are having a great weekend


Took advantage of the used game sale at GameStop:)


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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how I got into gaming.

You could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

Anyway hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to leave a comment.