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Be prepared to be broke by my friends level


Issues I have with the Epic Store

So, man this whole Epic Store vs Steam has gone all sorts of crazy. People on both sides really dislike each other and then there is a group of people that just don’t care or don’t understand what is going on. Certainly, t...


I want Star Fox Adventures 2 or New Star Fox

Credit TerminalMontoge These are words that I really don’t think I would ever be writing about the game that was basically for ever the bad cross of what was going to be a very promising RPG and then got “smashed” int...


Got off work and started writing a blog and now I have found the most fun floof on the internet.


Okay so French vanilla icecream and Sugar Only Dr Pepper is amazing


I know I reposted it in several places but this is how I am after all the announcements


Well, I am sure its not going to be 100% but I thought I would upload my bingo card for E3 2019.


It is certainly too clean but it was fun trying to remaster this shot from MMX4


Never knew about this band, I like it.


In comments Leaked new design for Sonic for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie


The weirdest video on DOA I have seen


So is there some new gif policy? Cause I was posting sfw material and my comments got deleted


Playing doa6 casuals with The Dragon Ninja: https://www.twitch.tv/dragonninjaryu


When that peppy person says hello when you’re tired


The best of reviews, love the part where he has claimed to beat all three Dark Souls games without learning to parry. https://www.pcgamer.com/i-am-never-going-to-finish-sekiro-shadows-die-twice/


Arcade Review

This weekend I was invited to record a band, The Lonesome Wilderness, at The Yuca Tap Room in Tempe, Arizona. It is one of the most famous bars in Tempe and has the space and history of a well-established venue. Getting there an hour ...


Making a review of an arcade just using this to upload my photos since the blog editor refused to do it directly.


My script writing teacher won a Oscar!!!


I just re-discovered a song from my childhood, and I have to say I am all hype about this train for the Nintendo Direct


Boom boom boom boom https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/gigantic-army-switch


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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how I got into gaming.

You could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

Anyway hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to leave a comment.

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