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Well I have contacted DoT my local Congress/Senator and SW for the day. Here is a cute video FireFox made.


So I took a collision tutorial that helped


So Southwest denied my claim for a refund due to COVID because I cancelled my tickets before they cancelled the flight... You think a 3.2billion bailout could cover $409...


So I found out that Pico 8 can recognize multiple tiles as the same sprite. There is a noticeable image flicker so its not perfect... but it optimizes the code a lot. Going to test to see if this happens after initial draw or not.


Well today I added gravity, and finally defined my map area.


Today I learned to count zero + 127 is the same as 128 pixels... I should have known


Hey I just wanted to say I hope everyone is safe, here there is some crazy looting going on with 500+ people looting a giant mall. https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/valley/scottsdale-protests/75-62a08bc5-2f8e-4a74-aeca-7b5c7af8ccd7


So I had to get it, after the blogs about MML. Sure it’s not perfect but I love mm games


Happy Birthday Occams hope you are doing well!


Just bought the rest in the Gundam Thunderbolt Series, it’s really close to same hype I originally read the Watchmen. Also Delicious Dungeon is awesome and I cannot wait for issues 6,7 and 8.


I had to go to the grocery store today, good thing I was obsessed with ninjas when I was young, I made a facial mask out of a T-shirt... it’s just the polite and responsible thing to do during this crisis since I can’t get a normal facial mask 😷


Happy Birthday Admiral Ackbong! I hope you are doing well!


Snap assembly complete, already took it apart again so I can paint but this model already looks great :)


I have ascended to the Toilet Master race. My Bidet is installed and customized to make the seat fit not put too much pressure on the lid. 🚽 💦☺️👍🙌 I should have bought one years ago.


I found this house mix that made me feel better.


With all this virus stuff going on, I haven’t gone out in a long time. Kinda getting lonely. More rambling in comments.


Indie Direct March 2020 - Score - (5/10)

Indie Direct Rating for March 17th 2020 It should not be a huge shock to Nintendo fans that the first part of 2020 has been super dry. On one hand I think the reason Animal Crossing was delayed into 2020 was simply because Nintendo s...


Btw my Barnes and nobles is having a buy two get one free on Vis Manga, go nine volumes of Gundam Thunderbolt for $90 :)


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