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Clifford Bleh-zynski

Millions of pointless arguments are had on Twitter daily.  I never participate in them, trying to follow the rule of "nothing nice to say, say nothing," trying to avoid people who are angry for no apparent reason, and generally ma...


Last second GOTY: 5-Dragon Ball FighterZ 4-Into the Breach 3-Celeste 2-Monster Hunter World 1-God of War


The holidays are almost over. Hang on tight and get through these last two days. Set some goals and work on them, at least a little bit, every single day. Let's kick the shit outta 2019


Happy Christmas and all the other holidays. Check out this rad documentary about Half-Life if you’re not busy. It’s so good and I’ve never even seen footage of these games before watching the doc. Bought the Valve pack so I can marathon the series


I'm way late to the party, but Pyre is the second best sports game ever.


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Witcher fanboy and multi-platform gamer. Child of immigrants and a proud father of an All-American toddler beast. Secret fat man and avid hockey fan. Let's go Buffalo!

My Personal Top 10:

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Mass Effect 1-3
The Legend of Dragoon
Super Street Fighter II
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
DOOM (2016)
Sleeping Dogs
God of War (2018)
Final Fantasy XV

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