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Are R* pumping a bunch of that sweet GTA Online money to all the journos because I swear whenever any other game leaks it gets spoiled on every site rather than being simply reported on.


Thank you for wasting your time reading this sentence.


I'm going to join the sexbots in spam jail guys, wish me luck!


If you Google Nintendo Direct...


How's everyone doing?


Inmost is only a couple of quid on the eshop (75% off).


If you all like Ultrakill so much, keep tabs on ENCHAIN because everything's better with a grappling hook.


It's International Cat Day by the way.


👀 PhilKenSebben 🥵💦🙏🙏🙏


Happy Birthday ChronoLynx, you are truly one of the ones out there.




I stumbled onto hallowed ground during my walk today.


The man, the myth, the bellend.


So our right wing leadership contest and future prime minister has been whittled down to Bride of Chucky or some billionaire twat whose tagline sounds like you've spread your cheeks and he's going in dry.


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