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Not a wrestling fan, but I know some of you are and I've jeard this Kenny Omega guy is kind of cool.


Fine. I'll do the thing.


As someone who knows nothing about PCs, how long do people expect their Steam Decks to last? As in how long might the hardware keep up with modern releases until one has to upgrade? [Pic unrelated]


According to Google, Dtoid has a Mexican site and reviewed Astria Ascending, neither of which I think are true.


For anyone who enjoyed Arcane, Legends of Runeterra has a PvE story mode called Path of Champions that plays a bit like Slay the Spire.


Happy Birthday Adzuken and thank you for introducing me to Onion Games' catalogue.


Darksiders 2: Cursedmas Edition


The Ramp is out now on iOS and Android (and PC) if anyone was looking for a chill game.


I could have had a weekend playing Elden Ring followed by Babylon's Fall but I'm busy. Would anyone like an EU PS4 Babylon's Fall beta test code?


Happy Birthday DeScruff. x


Happy Birthday Moysey. You may not know it. You often may not feel it. But your kindness matters. x


Right now everyone thinks NFTs are expensive jpegs, but if an NFT represented a digitally bought game and you could then sell that game on in an online secondhand market, would your view of NFTs change?


When "Extracting Lidocaine from Anal Lubricant" comes up on your Youtube recommendations.


Me when I add water to my soup.


'Hey kids, wanna rent some DLC?' Fuck the Nintendo enablers.


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