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Glad you're all enjoying RE8. In my childhood I chose the Die Hard Trilogy over Resident Evil and so never truly got into the series.


My cat has come back at exactly 6 am the last 2 nights leaving me up all night worried about him as he never does that. Does this mean someone is letting him into their house? Do I need to get a collar saying 'please fuck off'? Any advice is appreciated.


If anyone has any criticism of me (Fivefinger Delta before all the name changes), I'd love to hear it in the comments and how I can help make this place better for you.


Happy Birthday Gus and absolut.


Happy 4th of May or something, IDK, I only watch Stargate.


This guy slaps your partner's arse, what do you do?


Hot take: the original is better than Whitney's cover. #OldSchool


Eurogamer describes it as, "the thinking behind A Short Hike applied to one of the towns from Breath of the Wild".


Not my vice of choice but it would be rude not to. #420toid


When they put a boomer comic as the meme. The comic isn't funny. There isn't a meme. We're supposed to laugh at the fact that boomers find it funny but the meme itself made no effort to make the comic or the situation funny. #memesIhate


Is it just me or does THPS 1+2 not hit the same?


Starting with this comment we should see how many consecutive comments we can fap to 69 before someone goes over.


Happy Birthday Neronium x


Sometimes I wake up to Texas high school students playing a slave trade game on their black peers on Snapchat. Sometimes I wake up to this.


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