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When your love of Dark Souls goes a bit too far. Plus when people ask where my money comes from I can say 'from investments'.


To any non-PC gamers who are taking the plunge with the Deck: start claiming all those free games so you have a bunch of stuff to play when it arrives.


The only new handheld I care about this year.


The voice of Enzo passed away.


Don't worry I support Wales.


Post-lockdown, here's how to get out of talking to people: Between 2004-11 at least one game each year released with the word Unleashed in the title. 2008 alone saw Sonic Unleashed, Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed


I saw a typo of live service games as life service games and I had Vietnam flashbacks of the 3 months I lost to non-stop Ark (on PS4) of all games.


What's a game you're glad you didn't see at E3? [Pic related]


Nintendo deciding their E3 line-up.


Have a red panda hugging a monstera I drew to counter any E3 negativity.


Mmm, 2D character action goodness.


Anji's parry in Strive is spicy. Who do you main?


How many studios will Microsoft buy this E3? Closest answer gets nothing.


Mea culpa. NSFW?


Lucas Pope is making a Playdate game. Neat.


Anthony Marzano appreciation thread. Post pictures of ladders.


I beat Doom and Doom Eternal with the soundtrack turned off, AMA (I won't reply to your questions).


Is anyone else playing the Nier mobile beta? Does it get... Better?


I can't remember when I last bought a video game. Does Sakuna scratch the Muramasa itch?


Glad you're all enjoying RE8. In my childhood I chose the Die Hard Trilogy over Resident Evil and so never truly got into the series.


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