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So proud to be Bri*ish. We've been breaking records all over the country today. We are world beaters and at the forefront of climate change. If we had left Europe sooner we'd probably be beating them too.


Can't wait to hear about Bayo 3 from Nintendo tomorrow (I am basing this on absolutely nothing).


You guys are pretty cool.


Enjoy all that freedom today America.


Oh shit, Rimworld on consoles.


Start your morning right.


An item on my eBay watchlist was ending soon. eBay's algorithm decided to send me a notification of a similar (but worse) item that was ending soon. I didn't realise, placed a bid, was the only bidder, won. FML


One of the few indies I still think about long after I played it. What are some of yours?


Open world Guitar Hero.


Rain World is free on Prime. If you liked the Outer Wilds or the idea that a video game world should feel alive and natural and not focused or designed around the player and their actions, check it out. Do it for slugcat.


Just pondering my morb.


If Kojima was given free rein on any Nintendo property, which one would you give him?


Also cocks in the comments.


In case you don't have it somewhere already, Street Fighter II is free on Capcom Arcade at the moment.


Max pic/gif size you can upload to Qtoid is 3mb. [Pic unrelated]


While Capcom has Super Gem Fighter coming out, here's Guilty Gear Petit on the Wonderswan, complete with its own unique character. #underratedmonday


So Moon Knight wasn't as good as it should have been.


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