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I won't lie to you. If you click on the comments you'll find it's Big Chungus in the box.


This #indietoid didn't sell well and was shit on by critics so I can guarantee it's a hidden gem you haven't heard of.


That Elden Ring leaked footage is looking spicy.


NPC: This katana was made by a demigod swordsmith and has been in my family for seven generations. Me: Green rarity? *Marks as junk*.


I swore off all F2P/pay to win/microtransaction games this year even if I enjoyed them... then I downloaded some dating apps. It's exactly the same. Fuck that noise.


Mario Galaxy 2 will be available on the eShop today. But not available as a standalone. It will be paid DLC for owners of 3D All-Stars. And only available to purchase until the end of March. That's my Nintendo prediction.


Most of my time was on Switch because my PS4 is so fucking loud it genuinely puts me off playing it.


There are yeti crabs, vampire crabs, zombie crabs, cannibal crabs, ghost crabs and wizard crabs. Someone should make a D&D campaign about that.


Is it pettoid as in pet the dog, i.e.dogtoid, or pets in general?


It's not even February and my Cursedmas portfolio is looking healthy.


On this great day. One last time, for good measure. Fuck Ajit Pai.


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