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Eurogamer describes it as, "the thinking behind A Short Hike applied to one of the towns from Breath of the Wild".


Not my vice of choice but it would be rude not to. #420toid


When they put a boomer comic as the meme. The comic isn't funny. There isn't a meme. We're supposed to laugh at the fact that boomers find it funny but the meme itself made no effort to make the comic or the situation funny. #memesIhate


Is it just me or does THPS 1+2 not hit the same?


Starting with this comment we should see how many consecutive comments we can fap to 69 before someone goes over.


Happy Birthday Neronium x


Sometimes I wake up to Texas high school students playing a slave trade game on their black peers on Snapchat. Sometimes I wake up to this.


Everyone's complaining about Sony and here's me ninja-flipping at 50% with a prenerfed Crystal Ring Shield in unpatched Dark Souls.


Fuck, Marry, Kill: Dtoid front page community, Dtoid Twitch community, Qtoid?


Hey, any of you cat-owning degenerates know any good ways to give a cat liquid medicine orally via syringe? My guy's one stubborn, slippery motherfucker even with someone else holding him down. Thanks. x #cattoid


I had to destroy this gif to get it under 2mb for Qtoid, original link in comments.


Starting a new job today as a ventriloquist on radio.


The Council thanks everyone who participated today. You're all wonderful.


Is a hot dog a drink?


What if... just for today... you joined the Council. Haha, just kidding. Unless...?


Do not fear Disqus. Do not empower Disqus. Just join the Council. - A haiku


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