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Decided to spend my weekend progressing in BotW and listening to podcasts. For the first time in 2 years I played Zelda docked, last night, and....just didn't like it as much. It wasn't nearly as immersive.


Let's play a game – post a videogame related quote or whatever that you would put in your Destructoid Yearbook in the comments and then somebody else has to write what you'll most likely do in life. Example below:


Turn on Smash. Get teabagged even though they're at the same absolutely dismal GSP as me (100,000). Turn off Smash.


Bloodstained, a modern day love story between a Crip and a Blood who have homosexual sex. The Crip tears the Blood's asshole thus having his BBC stained in Blood blood. #TooFar


Not a dad but my second niece was born on Friday. Happy Father's Day.


Let's play a game – pick one game to forget from your memory so you can experience it again for the first time and one game to forget from our collective memory so the world never has to experience it thus bringing about world peace. Go.


Does anyone else have a problem buying games? I um and ah for so long I end up not buying anything and just playing the games I've been playing for the past 10 years. I have bought 2 games this year and borrowed Wandersong. Help.


An excellent Direct but no Bayo3? Time to change my relationship with Nintendo to It's Complicated.


Uni 10 yrs ago. Took a girl home, hand went south, felt something chunky, turned the lights on. She had sat in someone else's vomit with no panties. Asked her to leave. Her reply? 'You don't have to go down on me, but at least fuck me.' #DarksidersGenesis


Let's play a game – list your dream E3 announcement in the comments and somebody else has to ruin it. e.g. Viewtiful Joe port. It's a Stadia exclusive.


Wash away the toxicity. And drink it to clean your insides of G-Fuel and Kevin the minion's semen.


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