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Roses are red, violets are blue, I only play single-player games because they don't require a player two.


KRZ is a good hangover game. I like that I can prop my switch up in bed and feebly poke at the screen with a stylus while still feeling I haven't wasted any gaming time thanks to the night before.


If you say Wes Tacos fast enough, it sounds like Westicles. [Review of Donkey Kong Country 2 unrelated.]


Apparently The Wonderful 101 may come to Switch (and other platforms) via Kickstarter and will be announced on Monday.


Stuck in Amsterdam airport for 8 hours. At least I can catch up on the gaming I've missed the past 2 weeks. #humblebrag


Spicy takes - Gaj did nothing wrong. The evolution of video games the past 2 generations have failed to fulfil their potential as a medium. DS bosses praised for their difficulty can be distilled to dodge, attack and lack the innovation of DeS. DS2 > DS3.


Next Smash game, Sakurai's choice of roster will be Fire Emblem only.


Direct: After each trailer Phil Spencer says 'We bought that studio.' Miyamoto as a Gelfling reveals the PS5 which is just an Xbox X laid on its side with a PS5 sticker and Team Sonic are developing the next Mario, a Stadia exclusive published by Konami.


Fired on the 31st so I don't cross the threshold for benefits. Nice.


You get 3 2020 NY wishes. Mine are Viewtiful Joe on Switch, W101 on Switch, Vanillaware on Switch. What are yours?


Happy birthday Raff. Your daily positivity kickstarts Qtoid every morning before America is even awake. x


In case anyone wanted an update on the Playdate: https://play.date/update-dec/


Treated myself to a fightstick for Christmas. Loved it out of the box. Saw 10 years into my future - less and less game time let alone time just for fighters. Returned fightstick 6 hours later. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Game Awards fantasy: Platinum confirm Kamiya as Bayo3 director while giving us a Switch port of W101 while we wait and Capcom announce completely separately a Viewtiful Joe port who is then announced as the next Smash fighter. What's yours?


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