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So with the Pokemon hullabaloo and GOTY discussions coming up... what game were you super hyped for this year and ended up not pulling the trigger? #Questiontoid


First footage of Platinum Games' Death Stranding spinoff Deliverevengeance. Now with delivery drones.


Happy Birthday Chris. You are a bright light in the community even in your darkest days. x


Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Blazblue Centralfiction or Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]?


Hot Take: MHW's expansion is simply too big for someone trying to be a well-balanced, fully-functioning adult with a job, family, maintaining their health, their social life and their other hobbies, including keeping up with other games.


Is it pronounced Gajknight like Gif or Gajknight like Gif?


Folllowing his bankruptcy and losing his job, he could see himself cleaning mirrors.


*Tries to jump on bandwagon and change my profile pic for Halloween. Realise I'm already a witch.*


Everybody knows COCKTOBER is just the patriarchal suppression of the paganist LIVESTOCKTOBER celebrated worldwide until the Roman imperial cult appropriated it and elevated the cock as an ideological symbol of centuries-old male authority. WAKE UP SHEEP!


Was it already known that this upcoming season is Bojack's last and if so, why did nobody tell me?


What game from this current generation would you like to see rereleased today but done right (à la Final Fantasy XIV and A Realm Reborn)?


Platinumgames should make a smartphone and then produce an electric car before finally becoming a private aerospace company.


I forgot how much of a jet engine the PS4 is.


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