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Are you worried about the harmful effects of 5G and its links to the global pandemic of COVID-19? With this simple USB device and a one time payment of £399, you can protect you and your loved ones today.


My villagers. If they don't have an asterisk and you might want them on your island, just let me know.


Are there any JRPGs on Switch with engrossing combat? I'm not expecting Bayonetta or Dark Souls levels of depth or agency but also not something that feels like it plays itself or is wholly turn-based. Sincerely, a JRPG noob.


Animal Crossing has now become my stressful game and OlliOlli is my chill out game.


There's a 2D character action game in the works called Astoria Legends and you can download a demo for it from the description section in the video.


Commentoid: Your AC island's name + your Dtoid username = an UrbanDictionary sexual position or move, e.g. Last night she asked for the Neuquen Fivefinger Delta. Bonus points if you describe said position or move.


Got turnips selling at 94 bells for the next 5 hours if anyone's interested (I don't know if that's a good price).


Seems a lot of you folks are enjoying the live-action series on Netflix.


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