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Fuck, Marry, Kill: Dtoid front page community, Dtoid Twitch community, Qtoid?


Hey, any of you cat-owning degenerates know any good ways to give a cat liquid medicine orally via syringe? My guy's one stubborn, slippery motherfucker even with someone else holding him down. Thanks. x #cattoid


I had to destroy this gif to get it under 2mb for Qtoid, original link in comments.


Starting a new job today as a ventriloquist on radio.


The Council thanks everyone who participated today. You're all wonderful.


What if... just for today... you joined the Council. Haha, just kidding. Unless...?


Do not fear Disqus. Do not empower Disqus. Just join the Council. - A haiku


Why is everybody playing some video game adaptation of a Paul W.S. Anderson movie?


Who will be the first regular on Qtoid to have a legal (18 year old) account? The Deviant Artist I have on retainer is asking...


Speaking of Batman. The man who designed Daft Punk's helmets and SpaceX's spacesuits is also responsible for Batman's nipples in Batman Forever.


Blank characters, empty characters, invisible characters and whitespace characters. they appear sort of a space, but are actually a special (unicode) character. they will be used if you would like to represent an blank or empty space without using space.


It's over. Turn off the internet. We have reached peak meme. This will now be my reaction comment on everything.


When aliens contact us the first thing we'll do is see if Doom can run on their technology.


What if instead of rebuilding the forums, they spent the money replacing Disqus (no disrespect to the people who worked hard building the forums)?


Miyazaki makes a Mario Souls game with the world layout based on the level select screen in Super Mario World. You're welcome.


Sandwich or something. I don't know, my account isn't old enough.


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