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Great White, Whale Shark and now this bad boy (5214-9156-4425).


Show me what you got. My friend code is 5214-9156-4425 if you want to add me. x


AC - Do I need to wait for my house to upgrade before I can store items? My inventory is full. Also, no idea how to get a shovel or river stick recipe (thanks RiffRaff for gifting them).


If we end up self-isolating, I'm glad to be self-isolating with all of you. x


Soulbow when he loses to a team made up entirely of noobs on the free weekend and blames his G Fuel (2015, colourised).


I like that 2 potentially great games on opposite ends of the spectrum are coming out on the 20th of March. I get to relax with Animal Crossing and pull my hair out with the much anticipated sequel La Mulana 2.


Wes' ramblings in Answer a Question on the contest widgets feel like reading item descriptions for Destructoid lore.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I only play single-player games because they don't require a player two.


KRZ is a good hangover game. I like that I can prop my switch up in bed and feebly poke at the screen with a stylus while still feeling I haven't wasted any gaming time thanks to the night before.


If you say Wes Tacos fast enough, it sounds like Westicles. [Review of Donkey Kong Country 2 unrelated.]


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