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Animal Crossing has now become my stressful game and OlliOlli is my chill out game.


There's a 2D character action game in the works called Astoria Legends and you can download a demo for it from the description section in the video.


Commentoid: Your AC island's name + your Dtoid username = an UrbanDictionary sexual position or move, e.g. Last night she asked for the Neuquen Fivefinger Delta. Bonus points if you describe said position or move.


Got turnips selling at 94 bells for the next 5 hours if anyone's interested (I don't know if that's a good price).


Seems a lot of you folks are enjoying the live-action series on Netflix.


Has anyone in the next 12 hours got Turnip prices above 105? My last chance on my island stands at 56 and has been around that all week.


Google today: Leaf eggs only grow on hardwood trees. Me yesterday: I'mma dig up every non-fruit-bearing tree on this island.


Questiontoid: Which games put you in a zen/flow-like state?


Question: how much is the last mortgage? I'm getting tired of this oversized-bawbag, fishy-fingered arsebadger.


The L3 button in Animal Crossing should be a one-block backhop. Change my mind.


Made a list of fish I consider worth keeping and selling from island trips (anything over 3,000 bells) if anyone is interested. Pic in comments in case someone wants to avoid spoilers.


Wow, I didn't think Nintendo would include a Destructoid easter egg/reference to PhilKenSebben's penis in Animal Crossing. #AlsoCocks


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