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On games as Army recruitment tools

The Army Experience Center (AEC) is a recruiting station for the US Army located in a mall in Philadelphia. The center—unlike the depressing and drab storefront recruiting stations often found in suburban strip malls—is shiny, c...


Prince of... Persia??

I am really tired of Hollywood putting white actors in brownface to portray brown people. You'd think there'd be no shortage of actual Persian actors who could portray the Prince. I guess they used that dagger to send us back to the 1950s. ...



Since my Xbox 360 is currently being resurrected in Pharr, Texas, I've been playing a lot more Playstation 3. I've been discovering things. 1. There's no way to have more than one PSN ID logged into a single console at once. So, if you w...


God damn it. Not again.

My Xbox 360 Elite died again. I got a launch model in August of 2007 and it died with a single red light, no error code. They sent me back a Falcon, which ran fine until this morning, when I got an E74. Of course, Microsoft's Xbox suppor...


Indigo Prophylactic

UPDATE: After reading your comments, I've decided I'm being too hard on the game, so I no longer recommend that people not play it. Do prepare to be WTF, though. Do not play Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit. I know it's an old game and that mo...


PS3 Slimux

So the PS3 Slim will lack the ability to install an alternate operating system. Such a move from a rational company (not to say that Sony's rational) would indicate that they are taking a loss on each system sold and do not want to sell PS...


About denjunkione of us since 4:03 PM on 08.18.2009

I have started many RPGs in my time, but I have yet to finish a single one.

Games I have started, but not finished, and probably will not finish in a timely manner, despite their goodness:

* Lost Odyssey
* Fallout 3
* Final Fantasy IV (DS)
* Chrono Trigger
* Company of Heroes
* Empire: Total War
* Civilization IV
* Titan Quest
* Research and Development
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
* BlazBlue
* Sam & Max Episodes
* Little Big Planet
* So Blonde
* Far Cry 2

Games I have recently finished:

* Uncharted
* Red Faction: Guerilla

Games I probably will finish soonish:

* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
* Borderlands
* Killzone 2
* Resistance 2
* Critter Crunch

Games I am done with, though I haven't finished them:

* Resistance: Fall of Man
Xbox LIVE:denjunki
PSN ID:denjunki
Steam ID:dennisjk


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