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About GrandLethal16one of us since 2:46 PM on 08.11.2018

I've been playing all kinds of video games since before I can remember, but my interest in JRPGs exploded after the first time I played Final Fantasy IX and The Legend of Dragoon. Ever since I've been playing just about any JRPG I can get my hands on!! I also love fighting games and Metroidvanias.
Send me RPG recommendations and I'll play them!

I started streaming in August 2016 on Twitch, and now I'm expanding to YouTube Gaming/Mixer!
I tower above most people at a modest 5'7", AND I roleplay a Chaotic-Neutral Rogue (Thief) named "Swiper the Swift" in D&D (5e).

Main Games: Wild ARMs 3, Final Fantasy VII, I am Setsuna

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