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Gridlock and Mozzie look sick AF. Seems like Ubi felt Operators like Twitch and Cav were balanced, but still a bit annoying. So these two may have been added to be a bit of a nuisance.


I'm getting a new rune factory game and a port of 4 on the switch. I am so happy right now I can't sleep.


Someone please slap me before I get into another stupid political debate about whether or not Hitler was a socialist that will end with me being called a "Lazy entitled communist" like when I said game devs should unionize? Please send reason slaps.


Current dlc siege plan. Spend 20 on enough dlc credits for 5 ops pick up Maverick Lesion Maestro Alibi Zofia. Maybe I'm doing it wrong tho :T


Okay, given my hatred of window infiltrations, I think Alibi is my best choice for a new roamer. But then picking out a new anchor will be tough. I like giving my team info, so Maestro's cameras may come in handy. But Kaid's ritala claw...


So after yesterday I'm leaning towards 3 operators Maestro-Anchor Alibi-Roamer Lesion-Trap master My only other defending DLC op is Mira. and I'm only planning on grabbing 2 of the three.


So picking a second DLC Operator for Siege. I have a few offensive, so going for Defensive. I'm better with Anchor but an option for Roamer would be useful. Debating between Lesion Ela Echo Kaid


Very (very) late take. But gravity falls may be the best cartoon I've watched in my life. Along with one of my five favorite shows of all time. It's legit that good


Jesus, I feel bad for the EA server team right now. Because holy crap.


So I tried to upload a blog, but it hasn't uploaded yet. Anything wrong with the site?


So here's a question, anyone remember "Numb3rs?"


and the grossest comment of today I've seen goes too this guy! "What makes me sad is the amount of effort Tom put in it just for some safe boie to "steal" her heart from him" Star Vs fan meets nice guy TM, I am impressed.


So the Switch version of the Genesis collection or the SNK collection, which is generally agreed upon to be better?


Nob: "facts don't care about your feelings." Me: "here's some concrete fact based evidence explaining why your ideas are wrong." Nob: "you'll never convince me with your links! The left hates me for being white so I refuse to accept your studies!" Me:


Picking out a non DnD tabletop is haaardddddddd. Do I go with Call of C? Shadowrun 5e? Maybe age of empires or iron kingdoms IDK WHAT IM DOING HAHAHAHA


Just a short message that came up, fel the need to share it. Ahem, to every female or female identifying gamer who uses voice chat for online games, I apologize for the fact, to EVERYONE who uses voice chat, I apologize for the community.


I gotta stop reading the news. At this point I'll pop a blood vessel before I'm 23.


So I know it's not the most popular episode, but I'm watching the Orville. And Majority Rule was really great, really intense science fiction. Sure Black Mirror did it first but that doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the episode.


Okay team, I'm putting a mirror up so I'm begging you not to baricade the wall next to it Frost: lol nope. ;-;


I spent 15 bucks getting new Yu-Gi-Oh decks for me and my brother to play with...worth every penny to have fun with my little brother <3


R6 siege mic chat in a nutshell Me: hi! Who do you want me to play? Im good at Mute, Jager, and rook. So if you want me to anchor/support/roam just let me know. Other mic user: SUCK IT. *Que everyone else laughing* Annnddd I was done like that.


I love how whenever someone tries criticizing the RDR Online Beta, people shout that "It's a beta you can't criticize it!" Like...isn't the point of criticism to let someone know what needs improvement? And isn't that a Beta's purpose? WTF people.


I need to harp on one line in Ralph Breaks the Internet. When a game AI says games need to be unpredictable or else they aren't fun. Like...wat? I'm sorry, but what? Any game that has completely random, unpredictable AI doesn't sound fun for the user imo.


Just saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was....fine, I guess? Like I liked it well enough but I really disliked some stuff. I'd say it's a solid 6/10. Worse ways to spend a weekend, but you'd honestly be better off watching the first film.


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