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So, GF and I are getting Diablo 3 for one another as Christmas gifts (to avoid money issuesu) Depending on the kinda content in Hand of Fate 2, I may get it once the combat reforged update hits Switch. Also, hoping to finally publish an actual blog soon!


So because I'm a shopper who can't decide, hand of fate 2! Any good or no?


And so as October reaches Halloween, what spooky games will you all be playing?


So for Diablo 3, what's the most fun starting path for a Crusader? Sorry I'm just real excited, thx :)


Crazy idea. Narrative driven adventure game ala telltale or life is strange. Based on the old Heather's musical.


So I've been thinking, and I'd actually love to see a video game take on the Ramayana. Controversial? Absolutely, but I wish more people knew of it, and I think a game would be a great way to communicate it. Anyone else?


Suppose I should have been more clear...what should me and my gf do to get the most out of Diablo 3 together? Story mode, then adventure? How does endgame work? sorry to be such a noob.


So my Girlfriend and I are gonna pick up Diablo 3 on Switch next month. She's running a witch doctor, I'm running a Crusader. I'm excited to do it with her, but given I only played base Diablo 3 before ROS...Any advice for two newbs?


Diablo 3 on Switch or AC Odyssey? What do ya'll think I should save for?


Today I had a round of Paladins where I got to play a game of "Where the heck is my team I'm alone on the point and there all scattered-and I'm dead." Haven't played that one in a while.


Smoke and sacrifice any good? Or is it a mediocre game like people said earthlock and battle chasers was?


I just played a game of Paladins and one of my teammates kept getting stuck on spawn door walls and yelling at us to all group up...while the rest of us were on the point dying. Sometimes other people vex me,


If there is one thing I learned after purchasing Ghost 1.0, it's that the games that seem lackluster can actually be goddamn amazing.


So I decided to take ya'lls advice and wait for Battle Chasers to go on sale. Decided to pick up Earthlock instead since it was on sale.


Is it wrong to be frustrated with new players in online games? Like, I get everyone has to start somewhere. But seeing players run into walls and charge straight at the enemy is...am I just an asshole here for being flustered?


On the one hand I wanna pick up battle chasers night war today. On the other hand, Mike is advising I wait since it's likely to go on sale soon. Decisions, decisions....


So playing Paladins and... is it wrong I still get annoyed by what I perceive as selfish players? twice in a row I got paired with people who all went flankers, while I always play support. I feel like you should keep others in mind when picking...


Have you all ever temporarily stopped playing a game for a minor reason? I was enjoying Xenoblade 2...then the story stopped and demanded I help several kids out to continue. I stopped for a bit cause it felt like an unneeded divergence. What about you?


Today's goals include classes, laundry, and xeno 2 after my temporary quit


Arena of Valor on Switch is fun, but am I the only one dealing with an absurd amount of teammates going AFK or disconecting? It happens almost every other game, and it's making certain rounds impossible.


Taking a quick poll, Battle Chasers Nightwar on Switch, worth 40 bucks or no?


Thinking of picking up a Toukiden game on Vita, do ya'll reccomend Kiwami or 2?


Figured I'd start blogging to get my foot into games writing. It's still a little slow, but my first piece should be up within a day or two. If you have an interest in rougelikes or the effects of games on stress, you may find it interseting.


Currently playing Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, along with Victor Vran.


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