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I love how whenever someone tries criticizing the RDR Online Beta, people shout that "It's a beta you can't criticize it!" Like...isn't the point of criticism to let someone know what needs improvement? And isn't that a Beta's purpose? WTF people.


I need to harp on one line in Ralph Breaks the Internet. When a game AI says games need to be unpredictable or else they aren't fun. Like...wat? I'm sorry, but what? Any game that has completely random, unpredictable AI doesn't sound fun for the user imo.


Just saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was....fine, I guess? Like I liked it well enough but I really disliked some stuff. I'd say it's a solid 6/10. Worse ways to spend a weekend, but you'd honestly be better off watching the first film.


So first siege impressions...lots of toxicity and team killing in casual. Yeah, that's a thing.


Okay, screw it! I'm hoping aboard the Siege train, starting up this Wednesday, anyone got a PS4 and copy of the game, and willing to show me the ropes?


So given the PS sale for Black Friday, I noted the Gold edition of Siege has a huge discount, 70 percent off. Only thing scaring me off is I hear the learning curve is steep. And I can be easily frustrated. How bad is the difficulty curve?


Whatcha all doing tonight? I'm rewatching some of Linkara's history of power rangers and musing on the concerns I hear about .Hack GU


Went to the shop today. Picked up a few things, along with a copy of .hack GU Last Recode.


My weekends used to consist of getting mad at overwatch. Now they consist of reading about angry poets and arguing on the internet about why nationalism is bad. Wtf is my life anymore.


Following up on my last blog post, what are some of the voice acting surprises you best remember in games? Be it Keith Silverstein as Char and Shido, Matthew Mercer as McCree and Jotaro...sound off in the comments!


It's weird I've heard Wendee Lee, Bryce Papenbrook, and Keith Silverstein in anime and games before. But it really is there work in Ladybug that's give me a greater appreciation. Still, it's funny hearing Silverstein in this after Persona 5. :)


Excited to boot up Diablo 3 tomorrow. Well, that and watching more Miraculous. Almost done with season 2 anyway. Man between this and Star Vs, what is with a couple the show is pushing getting knocked aside by another pairing? (season 3 of Star primarily)


Okay I'm early season 2 of Ladybug. And Chloe is the worst, just saying it. Chloe suuuccckkkssss.


If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can always count on Hawkmoth to deliver on the meme faces, and the ladybug and cat for the ship tease. And when the days are rough, those two things are all one really needs.


Know it's not Dtoid related. But check out Kotakus report on crunch at Rockstar. Lengthy read, but important to understanding crunch culture I find. And that peer pressure is a big part of it.


So, GF and I are getting Diablo 3 for one another as Christmas gifts (to avoid money issuesu) Depending on the kinda content in Hand of Fate 2, I may get it once the combat reforged update hits Switch. Also, hoping to finally publish an actual blog soon!


So because I'm a shopper who can't decide, hand of fate 2! Any good or no?


And so as October reaches Halloween, what spooky games will you all be playing?


So for Diablo 3, what's the most fun starting path for a Crusader? Sorry I'm just real excited, thx :)


Crazy idea. Narrative driven adventure game ala telltale or life is strange. Based on the old Heather's musical.


So I've been thinking, and I'd actually love to see a video game take on the Ramayana. Controversial? Absolutely, but I wish more people knew of it, and I think a game would be a great way to communicate it. Anyone else?


Suppose I should have been more clear...what should me and my gf do to get the most out of Diablo 3 together? Story mode, then adventure? How does endgame work? sorry to be such a noob.


So my Girlfriend and I are gonna pick up Diablo 3 on Switch next month. She's running a witch doctor, I'm running a Crusader. I'm excited to do it with her, but given I only played base Diablo 3 before ROS...Any advice for two newbs?


Diablo 3 on Switch or AC Odyssey? What do ya'll think I should save for?


Today I had a round of Paladins where I got to play a game of "Where the heck is my team I'm alone on the point and there all scattered-and I'm dead." Haven't played that one in a while.


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