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How's everyone doing in these dark times? I've been marathoning a lot of Black Clover and Bleach to weather the storm, along with working on finals. Hope everyone is doing ok.


Me: I wanna get back into the Yu-Gi-Oh card game! I'm gonna buy a starter deck and learn! Game: Great! Here's what you missed, XYZ summons are a thing, and Pendulum summons, also Link summoning, oh and 2020 means a new anime and new mechanics! ;-; h


Taking advice from my last quick blog, I'm hoping to start writing a longer post on why people should check out Rune Factory 4 Special. Any advice from people who have been posting blogs on D-toid for longer, in a more professional capacity?


Honest question, is it really dumb to buy a remaster of a game you already own because you want the franchise to be successful? I own Cyber Sleuth (not Hackers Memory) and Rune Factory 4 already. But I'm buying the remasters to keep both series alive.


I got a question for any Gundam Fans on D-Toid. What did you all think of 00 as a series? I see it passed as "average to bad" in most circles, but Gundam Enthusiast Mike Sounders once told me it's a money printer. So I'm curious, quality wise, thoughts?


Nitro fueled is fun but fuck me is it hard.


So I gotta say, the Switch port of MK 11 isn't perfect...But it's fun, that's for sure. And we'll likely get a few QOL patches for performance down the line. Kudos to Shiver for getting it to run as good as it does at this point. Scorpion Main FL!


Man, imagine if Static Shock aired today instead of 20 years ago. A show like that would have really outraged internet reactionaries if Twitter existed then. Loved that stuff as a kid. And I still doooooo


Just pre ordered MK 11 on switch. I'm looking forward to having fun getting my face smashed in. YOURE NEXT.


Okay, I'm finally watching a full playthrough of Danganronpa V3. And I'm like, 98% sure the devs were on drugs when they made this game. Given how balls off the wall insane it is. that's not an insult though, Coleridge took drugs and he was also amazing.


the most infuriating thing about April fools day is you don't know what information is trustworthy anymore. Even from reliable sources.


So the Gearbox conference is going and going with this card trick nonsense and Randy STOOOPPPP


Why is it that no one in ranked speaks up unless it's to yell at someone for messing up? I say hi start of every match, no one speaks. Someone screws up? The slurs start flying.


The one thing that makes me the most mad about the Elm Street Reboot a few years ago was it killed any chance of more Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy.


On that earlier point, I was hoping Rune Factory could get an even better shot at life with increased internet prescence. But instead seeing all these big youtubers just write it off as "IOS anime game crap" is killing me inside.


Why is it that every youtuber I see reacting to the direct saying Rune Factory 4 looks like a damn IOS game? It's pissing me right the hell off.


Following up on yesterday's post, I kept getting told that Loli shouldn't be banned because "free speech". The argument was "I'm against Loli but free speech is free speech and it isn't hurting anyone." Yeah, it's still defending something gross.


Today I'm sick, depressed, and arguing with people who are trying to explain to me why loli shouldn't be banned.


Gridlock and Mozzie look sick AF. Seems like Ubi felt Operators like Twitch and Cav were balanced, but still a bit annoying. So these two may have been added to be a bit of a nuisance.


I'm getting a new rune factory game and a port of 4 on the switch. I am so happy right now I can't sleep.


Someone please slap me before I get into another stupid political debate about whether or not Hitler was a socialist that will end with me being called a "Lazy entitled communist" like when I said game devs should unionize? Please send reason slaps.


Current dlc siege plan. Spend 20 on enough dlc credits for 5 ops pick up Maverick Lesion Maestro Alibi Zofia. Maybe I'm doing it wrong tho :T


Okay, given my hatred of window infiltrations, I think Alibi is my best choice for a new roamer. But then picking out a new anchor will be tough. I like giving my team info, so Maestro's cameras may come in handy. But Kaid's ritala claw...


So after yesterday I'm leaning towards 3 operators Maestro-Anchor Alibi-Roamer Lesion-Trap master My only other defending DLC op is Mira. and I'm only planning on grabbing 2 of the three.


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