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Micro SD cards are on the cheap right quick (a 400 gb is $96 while the 64 is $20) on Amazon my guys jump on it while it's like that


Is there anything the Witcher 3 won't be in at this point? I feel like every game that's released afterwards has had some connection to it, except ironically ssb5, I'm not knocking it but it's kind of lost all hype at this point


2018's been my a really good year, and that's coming off of a (maybe better) year, joining 07,09,11,13 (shut up I like tlou) &17, but there's only one goty, and unfortunately it has to be a game I played this year, anyway this is my goty 2018


If you want to watch almost ten solid minutes of cringe. I mean Jesus Christ this is bad


Only a 93!? Obligatory nintendoomed. Both god of war, and rdr2 scored higher, heh, next year try competing with the big boys Nintendo. They might as well become a third party Dev for some reason.


Guess who's getting McDonald's for being a good boy today?


Guys 10 days until Gris comes out. Fuck ssmb5 (jk don't bring this up when I buy smash) I can't believe how hyped I am for a game that's probably just going to be pretty and sound nice.


One thing I do not miss about PC gaming is dealing with compatibility. GTA IV is a goddamn mess on Windows 10 and runs like dog ass. Pls send prayers as I do what rockstar should've done for me


So I'm 25 today. I bought myself a PC that came in late yesterday and started playing overwatch on it. I have forgotten how much better fps's play with a mouse. Anyway here's a meme from me to you. Happy st.cummings day


I miss being the underage hooligan I used to be sometimes. Other times I'm glad that pressure I put on myself is gone. This just reminded me of those weird weird times


Lucky me I just wrapped up the epilogue. I'm down for spoiler talk if anyone else has finished this massive game


Last fo76 joke I promise. For tonight


Red dead redemption PS4 bundle will reportedly be 199.99 Source in comments


It's weird to think that in a little less than 2 weeks time people will stop talking about red dead redemption 2.


Red dead redemption 2 has done a lot, and I mean a lot, of really good things in terms of not only moving the medium forward, but story telling in large. However, I think the best thing it has done is ruined the name O'Driscoll. Or even Driscoll.


I can read your mind And I know your story I see what you're going through, yeah It's an uphill climb And I'm feeling sorry But I know it will come to you, yeah Don't surrender Cause you can win In this thing called love


Looks like we got a new (th)bot


Damnit, rdr2 got me. I knew everything without spoilers (it's a prequel) and that ending still got me. No spoilers but anyone who hasn't seen it, you're in for a treat. Rdr is my goty I geuss


People mock my state a lot, but you know what? Ohio just topped anything Florida has done in the last 3 weeks. I'm referring to a judge who beat his wife served 9 MONTHS, and got a job by the mayor as a judge again, might have stabbed her to death


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