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I'm about to go on a long trip away from my very loving cats and Din is getting his last minute snuggies in


I'm so sick of writing for my ethics class


The most useful life skill I've gotten from working in a hospital is how to put pillows in optimal places. Sure everyone puts one between their knees, but who knew how much adjusting pillows could change your sleep? Here's a meme for your time


This would justify buying a switch for me. Any console that can play super Metroid legally is the best console


Instead of getting further ahead in school I decided to play dark souls and beat o&s on my second try (I forgot to summon solaire my first go so I warped out) with a bleed weapon. To my surprise is worked


I hate that I love this so much.


This is pretty great if you haven't heard it yet. Tl;dw? If you play the star spangled banner in a minor key it "sounds a bit Russian"


This is actually the video I've been waiting for


Soulbow you remind me of ung because of your obsession with that computer game from the 90's and also that numetal band from the 90's. Happy birthday ung, I mean soulbow. Now I can go back to enjoying the new year at work


New year's is only 5.5 hours away from me


So, I'm rewatching Bojack, and I gotta tell you, season 4 episode 9 hurts more than Sarah Lynn. The writers have no excuse for being so good at their job and season 6 hype is uncontainable


Who goes on Facebook on Christmas to make fun of a kid?


I'll be honest, I don't actually like Christmas, because I'm a Grinch. But here's a begrudgingly grinchy merry crimbus to you


My hospital got a float nurse today, and I pray we get her tomorrow too, anyway I took drastic action when I was making the schedule.


Never forget that lolicon is pedophilia.


This is pretty old, and I'm not sure why I made it, but it's still pretty funny too me and I just found it again and here you guys can laugh at it too


Be proud of me. I avoided getting into an pointless argument on Reddit today that would've just been me explaining the same thing 50 times while someone else pretended their ignorance was a valid counter. This is a first for me


Maybe I'm pretentious, but I find the older I get the more I really like art. This is by Fransico Goya titled "El perro" or "the dog" and it's one of my favorites and earliest examples of art that just struck me


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