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In a time where split screen is lauded and begged for, reading this 2001 review of halo (ign) really puts it all in perspective


I dunno if everyone has seen this but it's pretty great even if it's for the obviously worse console.


Happy bojack season 5 everybody day. Or as I like to call it tgfbs5 (that god for Bojack season 5) day.


So about that sad story with the Spider-man proposal https://www.houstonpress.com/news/the-spider-man-proposal-easter-egg-has-a-darker-side-10842784 She also clarifies she isn't and hasn't ever dated his brother


I started season 2 of the good place and I am amazed it keeps the momentum from season 1. Also Kristen Bell is just perfect


When the spam is this quality I'm not even mad


My name is Bradley Michael Fahrtz


I just realized that the psp is older right now, than the og Gameboy was when the gba came out.


So my wiiu is over heating from what I can tell, any advice other than sending it in to Nintendo?


I have a new image for literally every list about video games ever and I love it


I may not speak Spanish still, but goddamn do I love the Spanish VA's of uncharted


So, if you do a no death run in the messenger how does the story work?


IGN-2014 (oras)- There is too much water in this game that's thematically about water IGN-2018-(dead cells) Plagerize, get caught, shit IGN-2018-REDUX (the messenger) this platforming built around back travel has too much back travel and is hard :(


Until hollow knight I thought Metroidvania 's had to be short, now I can't believe I ever thought that


On one hand I want doom on the go, but on the other I really don't want to pay $60 for a game I own that doesn't dip to 20 fps


Oh jeez. I guess I'm buying this


I'm not sure what I can even add to this


If the other reviews weren't enough, guacamelee 2 is amazing and everyone who played the first game should play it.


This will help infiltrate right Huey? Of course snake you can trust me And then mother base fell


Yeesh, this is pretty bad if true


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