DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement
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Bought for the short print, played for the dream that snes RPGs will make a come back


I just spent 4 days playing Diablo and listening to Naruto. It wasn't great but I couldn't stop


Listen. Ok, just because I don't follow football, doesn't mean I don't like the memes


For those of you who wonder why waluigi isn't in ssmb5


Debate: So, is Sonic mania, the "rayman origins" of Sonic, or is it the "nsmb"?


This is the brother who I post less


Chasm is finally fucking launching on the 31st


Leaked concept art for allosaurus in Jurassic world 3: the jurrassifying


Maybe this is because I've been playing metal gear non stop lately but this really spoke to me


So, I'm back after I couldn't log in with Facebook anymore (after about a year and a half hiatus) but I'm still not Dreamweaver. I don't have a good berserk meme so here's Xenoblade 2


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