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Imagine if the Xbox launched with this functionality built in, I'm sure people would pay a little more especially if it had a kitsch name like "cortana" or something. Alas what could've been


Today it has been 100 years since the end of the first world war, most of us in the US use it to light fireworks and buy furniture (no judgement) But what I do is just play operations and pretend it's the battle of the somme, which is equally tacky


Saw this in the parking garage at my hospital coming off of shift and thought it was poetic


Everytime I read someone use the term "sjw" or "npc" unironically I will think of this screeching misfire of nuerons. FYI this is a user review of Sabrina's new series. My personal favorite part is "Castlevania does adult story telling" Pic in comments


Looking forward to the end of year stats PlayStation will email me


Ya got less than 2 hours eastern boahs (or Bois if you're still with kratos). Even of you aren't a boah you still got less than 2 hours, show dickholes like these up


My voting poll was packed. In my district alone I was number 450-ish with another 6 hours left at the polls. This has been the third time I've said it in 2 says, but please go vote. We don't need to regress any further than we have since 2016


Not voting is the same as voting against yourself. Go vote, apathy is the enemy of democracy, second only to republicans


It is election day tomorrow, if you haven't voted yet, please do,


This day just keeps getting better and better


I feel like my enjoyment of rdr 2 is held back by this moment, which I understand is unfair but I just don't see how it'll top Mexico


When you realize that the US makes a lot of it's decisions based off of race but you just think it's because of our hawkish leaders


Now I can finally breathe freely knowing there are little to no skeletons around me. Goodbye spooktober, hello holliday-less November


For Halloween I dressed as a doctor, I work tonight. For reference I work in a hospital and not as a doctor


Tbh all I do in rdr 2 is bully John, and Jack and flirt with Abigail. Some times I play Texas hold em or that knife game but mostly I just piss those two off


Truly this is the evolution of gaming


I know for some of us this is the most important review (sorry Chris) minor visual spoilers warning.


I do want to make a blog about the difference between a click bait mixed/negative score on metacritic and it's sometimes extreme impact on a game launch (quarter to 3) versus thought out criticism (jimquisition) but for now we made it to rdr 2


Nothing is cuter than when my cats (who are brothers) hang out and make each other happy


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