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Just over 2 weeks since me and my friend launched GameOverlook.com, and it's such a great time! We want to build up a community of people who just love games. If you know anyone that is interested, then feel free to chat with us on Twitter!


I just want to say this community has been so positive, and is a big inspiration what I want to do! Because of this, I have now launched my very own site, GameOverlook.com! Our small team aims to post dialy, and connect with the community! Thanks everyone


After 105 hours in AC: Odyssey, I have finally beat the story! Absolutely amazing game! Took so long because I was on Nightmare mode with no fast travelling, so most of it was death and roads. Now to the rest of the content... 200 hours here I come!


I am genuinely amazed at how good Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is! And so far, I've hardly even scratched the surface of content. 100+ hour game, easily.


Super excited to start playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Tuesday! The game looks like it's going to be so much fun!


Just finished Spider-Man on the PS4 for the second time. Bring on New Game Plus and the DLC!


So what is everyone's GOTY so far? For me, Spider-Man is proudly on that throne, only just beating God of War. I don't think any other game this year will take that spot for me. But yeah, what's yours and why? I'd love to hear!


So I've been a little bit obsessed with Spider-Man on PS4 recently... But Animal Crossing tho.


Insomniac's Spider-Man is AMAZING!

  NO SPOILERS ahead. Just a Barrage of my Screenshots. You have been warned. Insomniac have absolutely mastered the feel of our favourite web-head; everything from each swing through the bustling city streets, to his awkward-yet-h...


Spider-Man on PS4. Yes. Honestly, best Spider-Man game ever, and one of the best games this year. I haven't even come close to finishing it, but I feel like it's going to go up there with God of War for me in 2018! Nailed it Insomniac, well done.


Nintendo Direct has been delayed until further notice due to an earthquake in Hokkaido. Let's hope everyone is okay over there, and give them our best.


Got a Nintendo Direct tomorrow, September 6, showing off upcoming 3DS and Switch games! Scheduled for 3PM PT/6PM ET/11PM BST. I hope we get something good, haven't had a Direct since E3. Give us the good things Nintendo!


Not long now until Insomniacs Spiderman on the PS4! Having a good Spiderman game to play is definitely going to take me back to my childhood. Can't wait! For now though, been getting into Destiny 2, having quite a bit of fun!


Deciding on creating a Mini-Novel series based in the No Man's Sky 'universe' was a daunting task when it came to thinking up lore, but I'm quite happy with how the plans are turning out now! Lots of freedom to write my own stories in this amazing galaxy!


The Sims 4 PS4 - A Return To a Simpler Time

I remember sitting down as a kid to play The Sims 2 on my PS2. I remember my character getting electrocuted as my in-game mother would demand I fix the TV. I remember my Sim having his own house, and job, and I dreamt of the future and...


Going to be starting a new mini-novel series based in the No Man's Sky universe very soon. Excited to start, as an outlet for more writing! Will post on a Blogspot site dedicated to the series, and also here for any who are interested.


My First D&D Experience

Recently, a couple of friends and I had finally decided to sit down and try out some D&D. We’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and heading into our 20s seemed like a “better late than never” tim...


The lore in No Man's Sky is actually really deep and fun to learn about. Especially hearing about the history of the races and how they came to be, and why the Atlas is worshipped.


No Man's Sky NEXT Screenshots

So I just wanted to share some of my screenshots from my latest journey in No Man's Sky. So far, I have put about 40 hours into my new 'NEXT' save, and I am nowhere near done with what I want to achieve with the game. Most of my journe...


I am so immersed into No Man's Sky again and I absolutely love it! Definitely need to add it to my list of Favourite Games.


I have to say, No Man's Sky NEXT is like a new game. I loved it before, and now it's way better. Wow.


So here are the release times for No Man's Sky NEXT: Europe, North America: GMT/WET/UTC: 1PM/13:00 BST: 2PM/14:00 CEST: 3PM/15:00 EST: 9AM/09:00 PST: 6AM/06:00 Australia AEST: 11PM/23:00 South America AMT: 5PM/17:00 ART: 10AM/10


I liked No Man's Sky when it first came out. I can understand why many didn't, but I enjoyed the experience. The NEXT update looks amazing though! Might actually be able to openly be a fan of the game without bitter insults every 3 seconds...Probably not.


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