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Since Nvidia's GeForce Experience is still borked I am using a temporary workaround with an old standby for screenshots outside of Steam's screenshot tool: Windows Key & Print Screen.


20 years old and still a good OST from NFS: High Stakes


Whelp Nvidia's GeForce Experience Screenshot function is a bit borked up. Here's the evidence from my end:


Devolver Digital's madness, CDPR's honesty, Nintendo's killer Switch lineup. Those three are my favorite E3 conferences of this year.


Here's the new trailer for Codemasters reboot of GRID. Fingers crossed that it's more inline with the original GRID and not like Autosport & 2 in terms of gameplay & track selection.


Whelp I just failed the recent Elusive Target mission in Hitman 2. Sean Bean gets to live another day.


I may end up having to put off upgrading my PC for a little while longer. Explanation in the comments.


Finally beat Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light campaign. Some spirit battles can DIAF (looking at you Pauline) while others reap the rewards (Celebi, Zero)


Once I get a new job I will give my PC an overhaul with a new motherboard (w/Bluetooth built in), CPU (Intel 8th Gen i7), and DDR4 RAM. My current motherboard, processor and RAM turn 4 years old nearing the end of service. The HDD's are still good.


Since Qtoid is now up and running again I will give you an image of an unholy mashup between a psychopathic lagomorph and Gen 8 starter Pokemon. Sweet dreams.


Just completed an elusive target in Hitman 2. So satisfying taking out a loathed politician.


Here's my set of Pokemon. Yes I have a Mega-Evolution of the same one, megabyte me.


Did some work at the museum in my neighborhood Yesterday. Here's one of the cars on display. #Carporntoid


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Just trying to get out a rut that I've been in since the 2008 financial crash and hope to get into college in the future. A fan of racing games since 1997's Need For Speed II and platformers since the early 90's. I am willing to try other gaming genres out of my comfort zones. I also enjoy building Gundam models and watching anime though I don't always watch the latest shows. I am willing to call BS on publishers & developers that put profit first before refined gameplay.