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Did some work at the museum in my neighborhood Yesterday. Here's one of the cars on display. #Carporntoid


I've been playing Smash Ultimate trying to unlock all the characters before re-training with my mains and re-training my six Amiibo fighters from Smash 4 3DS. Link's Fierce Deity costume in Ultimate is a bit lacking in detail compared to it's predecessor.


Been playing this song building up to Smash Bros. Ultimate's release.


Everyone else here is playing Seige and here I am just playing Forza Horizon 4.


For the sake of basic human decency please get out and vote. I did.


Been walking around taking some pics out in the real world. This in Seattle, WA.


It's that time of week again. #ScreenshotSaturday. This week is from the Switch version of Freedom Planet. Lilac is looking rather exasperated.


Someone at Youtube deferred maintenance on their code and servers again.


It's that time of week again #Dtoid. #ScreenshotSaturday. This shot is from Forza Horizon 4 in Black and White mode. A little shout out to another racing game with the car's paint job; Codemasters Grid 1 & 2 Ravenwest Team.


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