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One of my local breweries has opened back up. The name of said brew is "Atmospheric IPA". Feeling pretty good all things considered. Sorry for the sideways photo.


My dad finally decided to start using Steam on his PC, I'm praying for both him and his wallet when the big sales occur, also praying for my patience in playing "tech support" when he starts digging deeper into the digital marketplace.


Here's my cat being herself, the strange furball that she is:


Good news everyone, got my new Corsair RM 850x PSU installed into my PC, the video being my reaction:


It's too damn hot to play video games, soundtrack somewhat related to how it feels in my area:


This is how hot it feels in my state (WA) right now:


Continuing on from yesterday, here's the PSU that's been giving me the crashing issues:


Quick summary of what's going on, the PSU from my previous build has been giving me the crashing issues. It's time to get it replaced with a new one.


Played around with Control for a bit, had some fun with it until it caused my PC to crash. Beat the main campaign, the additional missions caused the crash.


I've been expecting BotW 2 to be a 2022 release. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp looks like something I'd be willing to try (never had the chance to play Advance Wars). Metroid Dread needs to be injected into my veins this October.


Looking forward to Forza Horizon 5, just need the specs for the PC version of it to see if I can run it or not.


Had to get a new phone (Galaxy S20 FE 5G) as my daily driver's (Galaxy S8) battery life is going a bit wonky with the recent updates. Might use it as a compact camera to compliment my stand-alone camera.


GG Destructoid webmasters, thanks for fucking up the site on a holiday weekend.


BoB: Photo Mode and Racing Games

Well, Racing Games and Photo Mode, quite a match made in heaven. Being able to take photos of cars that range from "affordable" to "track-day only" without having to fly out to various locales can be quite enjoyable. Project CARS 2 and...


Sonic Colors PC port being EGS exclusive? Fuck right off SEGA!


Got my second vaccine shot yesterday, felt like crap most of the night and most of today. Counting down the days until I can get out of the house.


If anyone is still playing Ace Combat 7, the "Experimental Aircraft Series" DLC just got released.


Since there's meme postings going on today.


Project ACES coming out with another DLC for AC7 this spring:


Got my taxes filed, about as exciting as watching paint dry. Screenshot unrelated.


Happy Birthday Dtoid! Thank you for being a welcoming community, warts and all!


This is my physical Switch collection, I've got more digital titles in my Switch's library.


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