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Since Qtoid is now up and running again I will give you an image of an unholy mashup between a psychopathic lagomorph and Gen 8 starter Pokemon. Sweet dreams.


Just completed an elusive target in Hitman 2. So satisfying taking out a loathed politician.


Here's my set of Pokemon. Yes I have a Mega-Evolution of the same one, megabyte me.


Did some work at the museum in my neighborhood Yesterday. Here's one of the cars on display. #Carporntoid


I've been playing Smash Ultimate trying to unlock all the characters before re-training with my mains and re-training my six Amiibo fighters from Smash 4 3DS. Link's Fierce Deity costume in Ultimate is a bit lacking in detail compared to it's predecessor.


Been playing this song building up to Smash Bros. Ultimate's release.


Everyone else here is playing Seige and here I am just playing Forza Horizon 4.


For the sake of basic human decency please get out and vote. I did.


Been walking around taking some pics out in the real world. This in Seattle, WA.


It's that time of week again. #ScreenshotSaturday. This week is from the Switch version of Freedom Planet. Lilac is looking rather exasperated.


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