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Toss some coin to your Monado Boy, just got the Xenoblade Original Soundtrack via mail.


Drinking the Bifrost at the moment, not ready to cross it just yet.


We did it, stick with Joe and Kamala and you'll make it.


Watching "The Big O" to help take my mind off the election, just want off 2020's wild ride already.


Here's something not political to help stem the worries.


Election 2020: Votes Unknown. Stay safe, I'm avoiding the news networks for the next couple of days.


Just got my Xeonblade Chronicles stickers today, it's Reyn and Shulk time!


Got my ballot today and voted. No room for Republicans in my state!


Strider 1 ready to sortie, let's bring Arsenal Bird Justice down!


This is just a test, fingers crossed that it's my primary Dtoid account.


Just turned 30 today, it feels like I've aged quite a bit more mentally given what's going on in the world. (Orange Menace and Fiends, COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires in my home-state)


Well, my home state is now on fire alongside the COVID-19 pandemic going on right now. To all Dtoider's on the west coast, please listen to the evacuation orders for your area, wear your masks when going out, and stay safe.


So the(non-bribed)reviews for Project CARS 3 are in and they confirm it doesn't please either side of the racing game market. I fucking called it!


It's done, 12 hours of building work and the new PC has been brought to life.


Today was a mix of success and failure. Got the new mattress that I ordered and put into my bed frame after a 48 hr delay. The failure being the beater brush parts for our family vacuum are the wrong size.


So, after calling the local phone number of where I purchased my mattress from I got an answer. The mattress should be arriving on Thursday Aug. 6th. Shouldn't have to jump through three different hoops to get the info I need. I need a drink after that.


Mildly annoyed, the new mattress that I ordered last week and scheduled for it to arrive today hasn't shown up yet. No phone calls or emails notifying me of any possible delivery windows.


I hate helping my parents transfer phone carriers. Trying to get said account number from the previous carrier to allow for said transfer and device activation is like pulling teeth from a T-rex.


A little something that breaks up the gloomy Qtoid posts in recent days.


Feeling unbearably on edge right now, Trump's Gestapo goons are in my home state. I have no idea what the governor or AG of my state has planned to counter said Gestapo goons. Am I witnessing the last days of our democratic republic before election day?


Just finished my carrier switch, now on T-mobile with my S8. Bye-bye Boost Mobile don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!


I hate the phone carrier switching process, that is all.


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