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My home state (Washington) is going into what one would call a shutdown of all but the necessities. Fingers crossed that the jobs I am looking for can bounce back from coronavirus and resume operations.


Link is about to shoot you, one of the Figma's that I own.


Things are looking a little better on the job front for me. Got a meeting and possible interview in the coming days.


Have a cat on a pillow pic to wash away your worries.


Had to deal with a F*$#ing prowler in my neighborhood at 3:30 in the morning. I do not have time to be nice for that shit. Now I can't F*(@ing sleep!


Racing into the new year, with an old friend of mine.


Here's mine: "Oh, don't be such a baby, ribs grow back!""No zhey don't!"


Closing out the decade with a Raptor for you Dtoid.


Here's my Switch year in review that was emailed to me:


Got my phone's battery replaced by a professional today, the wallet is breathing a sigh of relief as it could've been much worse.


Whelp, turns out I need to get my Galaxy S8's battery replaced now. I hope that the repair bill won't completely break my wallet as I am unable to upgrade to a newer phone due to finances. I rely on it for staying in touch with DVR, work, and parents.


Quick summary of my day, had a meeting with someone from DVR (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation) and found out that one of my job leads moved the goalposts due to a new CEO, on the other hand I got the Diablo GTR and Supra in Horizon 4. Just bleh!


Just went to a winter themed avatar on my profile. No padoru for you guys.


I called in sick last week and come back to see a Decepticon in my workplace.


Bring it home Jack, I'll see you in Manhattan.


Just a little quickie from me, slow day on my day off:


A little glimpse at the RPG that I will be working on in my backlog after Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Awakening.


#Cursedtoid? This was at my workplace in the car museum. It's October and Christine (both the novel and movie) is what's being referenced.


Just turned 29 today, I don't know how fast the years have gone by but I'm still here. A bit more cynical and critical of things as a result.


Slightly annoyed at Samsung and their One UI software update causing a major battery drain on my phone, had to do a factory reset and battery re-calibration to get it to play nicely with said software update.


Just played through the "Home Run Contest" mode in Smash with Gannondorf. The "Sparta Kick" and "Reverse Warlock Punch" combo still works like last time. No bat FTW!


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a hard cider for me today.


Was messing around on Forza Horizon 4 and got a Cadillac limo via the Auction House. First thing I decided to do was fling it off the highest cliff to show my absolute disgust towards "The Orange Menace".


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