DeS: Dota 2's challenge tokens are frustrating loyal players
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I think this is the most accurate thing I've ever made. I'm Jake btw. XV is my favorite, I know I have bad taste.


I took a break from posting Loss to make something heartfelt about Final Fantasy VI: On the topic, who is your favorite character?


Man, the Octo Expansion keeps finding new ways to demoralize me...


I'm still pretty new to the site, trying to figure out how things work and who people are. So I figured I'd break the ice with an AMA. Go crazy lads.


We may not have lost any veterans from previous games in Smash Ultimate, but...


I think I spend more time reading about upcoming video games and thinking about what video game to play next than I do actually playing video games.


Okay lads. You wake up to find you've become Sakurai. After admiring your boyishly good looks, you learn you can only add 5 more characters to Smash before your arm finally falls off from exhaustion and you can never make games again. Who do you choose?


Pretty solid E3 this year. Some conferences could've been better sure, but pretty much every press conference had at least one really promising game shown off. And EA showed nothing of value, so all is right in the world.


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