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So if you've ever played Ubermosh but wished it had a little more oomph to it, check out Akane on Steam. It's pretty dope.


Nobody's interested in BF5. Right right. Sure sure.


Post removed. Here's a picture of Sara Calixto


Free HunieCam key to celebrate the release of Spiral Scouts. Leave a comment if you nab it.


My favorite e3 things ranked: 1. Origin Access Premier (Was buying BF5 anyways) 2. Captain Spirit (my fav game announcement) 3. Madden PC (in hopes that NHL PC follows) 4. Xbox expanding their first party. 5. Nintendo & Sony still doing what they do best.


When I played Smash for the short time I owned a Wii U, I preferred playing off the pad over my TV. So okay, just this once, I agree a game is "perfect for the switch"


Yanno, the bro-rape guy sure does make for a rather dashing Lando Calrissian


Players place too much emphasis and value on exclusives. If you tell me Sony had a better show than Microsoft because Sony showed more exclusives, then I'll argue that PC Gaming Show wins Show of the Year. Come on, give MS its due.


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