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MLB the Show 2021 on Game Pass. Pic in comments.


Maruchan is better than Nissin.


I'm this close to giving up on getting a video card or console and just buying an iPad and an Apple Arcade subscription.


Which is the least believable shit in Resident Evil? 1, Zombie apocalypse. 2, Corrupt local government and greedy corporations to blame. 3, twenty year old white dude named Leon.


Just when 2020 couldn't get worse, MF DOOM leaves us. RIP, tell Subroc I said what's up. Edit: What the... News is saying it happened OCT 31???


Come on we didn't play that much Fortnite


Got a Series S. Not sure if I'll keep it. Haven't opened it. Kinda impulse bought it while looking for the $500 consoles.


Over here bumping the Joe Biden campaign soundtrack


Where's a Wrap-It-Up box when you need one


I voted and all I got was this finger condom.


Why is the sonic fandom so weird? There's an entire series of these videos.


Nevermind. Too chatty today.


I completed Tell Me Why so I've written a review: Good story, could've used more gameplay/interactivity. A worthwhile experience overall.


Super Mario Nintendo Direct happening meow.


And today Rocket Arena is only $5 on PC. Clearly going F2P soon.


Rocket Arena is already down to $10 at Gamestop. Ouch.


What is your favorite villager personality type and why is it peppy?


Meteor shower on my island. Code is 7NMYP. Keeping it open for an hour, prolly longer if ppl are cycling in.


There are two kinds of Steam users: Those with 100% Orange Juice at the top of their games list, and those who have it hidden.


I dressed each of my nieces in those ridiculous Easter outfits in Animal Crossing this morning for April Fools. They thought they were part of the Easter event and loved them. Not the reaction I was after.


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