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Four floors down, Angharad encounters some hircine simpleton going by the dubious nom de guerre of Gharbad the Weak. Normally she has a kill-on-sight policy when it comes to anything with horns, hooves, and glistening pecs, but she takes pity on this one.


Next on the hit list: the Skeleton King. Nobody knows why poor old Leoric went bad at the end, but he went real bad. Murders, curses, armies of the undead, the works. Angharad lays him to rest, and keeps his crown as a gesture of respect - and for the AC.


Hot tip from the Wirt kid led Angharad to the Butcher's lair - a charming little abattoir, home to a portly red gentleman with a massive cleaver and decidedly idiosyncratic ideas about hospitality. The lady avenged the honored dead, and hocked the choppa.


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Welcome to Angharad’s Adventures! On this blog I will chronicle the exploits of Angharad, an Eternal Warrior making her way through every classic RPG she can conquer. I’m going to start with the original greats - Diablo, F...


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