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I put together a compilation video of just various shenanigans that my buddy Jacob and I endured while playing Halo 2. Hope it gets a chuckle out of you!


A highlight clip from today's Guilty Gear Strive session. Couldn't have asked for a better match as a Potemkin player.


I’ve been loving Guilty Gear Strive so far but I heard people were having trouble with the Arcade mode’s hidden boss. I figured I should try it out for myself and oh man did it feel like I was playing SNK again.


My buddy and I were playing Halo last night with x2 explosion sizes and I was in a tank. Here’s a highlight clip from that session.


I love making reviews for games, however I wanted to try my hand at making video reviews instead of only written articles. Check out my newest review of Devil Engine by Protoculture. I’d also love to hear feedback for future videos I make!


I was reminded of the gem that was Transformers Devastation. As Transformers fan since childhood, that game was amazing. It's a shame that licensing means it got taken down eventually. What are some properties you would love to see more/any games of?


My favorite part of the new year is that all the video games set to release in 2021 do not seem so far away anymore. What are some of your most anticipated 2021 releases? I am incredible excited for the NieR Replicant Remaster and Guilty Gear Strive.


Has there ever been a game where you had such a good time that after you completed it you immediately started a new game and played again? For me that was Mega Man 11: as soon as the credits finished I started a new game. Have you had a game like that?


Just started playing with the Stoic perk deck in Payday 2 and I think it's hilarious that a swig of alcohol can magically cure a point-blank shotgun blast to the melon. I can't believe they put an Estus flask in Payday.


My buddies and I were playing Killer Queen Black, a great multiplayer arcade game, but with a name like that we decided to have a little fun.


Deemo Reborn, a remake of one of my all-time favourite rhythm games, was just released on Steam. A great piano-based music game with a surprisingly charming story. I loved the original game on mobile and now I can enjoy the remake on PC.


My favorite thing about playing Metroid Prime for the first time is the lore on Space Pirates. Before they were nameless enemies, but in Prime you read about how they hide pets onboard, complain about pay rates, and tease captive Metroids. It's great.


Now I'm not saying I am responsible for Yakuza 7 coming to Steam, but when SEGA held a survey asking about what fans thought of their franchises-- as well as send them any fan images-- I did send them this masterpiece. https://imgur.com/a/Fg9fnNI


Gang Beasts is a great multiplayer game, but every now and then some things get a little weird.


To any SNK fans out there, you can pick up the new Samurai Shodown NeoGeo collection for free via the Epic Games Store. The free offer lasts for one week. If you would prefer to wait for the game to come to Steam, it will arrive on June the 18th for $40.


Here's another silly video I made out of love for the King of Fighters series. Hope it gives gets a sensible chuckle or two out of you.


Some of my favourite songs from video game soundtracks are the boss themes. One that I love but never sees any remixs or covers is from King of Fighters XI. What are some of your favourite video game boss themes? Any lesser known ones?


Here's an old video I made last year for kicks. Hope it gets a chuckle out of you. Spoilers for Sekiro.


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