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That time LA's premiere puck rock and roll band stayed over and got messy. Early Sunday morning in Tokyo:


Hallo everybody! My name is B.B. and I just started writing here! I've got a post going up later today on Flixist, so watch out for it!


About B.B. Clarkeone of us since 7:54 PM on 05.26.2018

Hallo! I'm B.B. (formerly Jinenko), an expat writer and translator based in Tokyo.

I'll be writing about movies, games, and probably some weird Japan shit, too. I love trashy rock and roll, and made a movie about the scene here. You can see the trailer here:

Disclaimer: I used to be a contractor for Nintendo, translating stuff for them into English and Japanese. I've since moved on, but being a freelance translator, I still work quite a bit in the games, anime, manga, tourism, etc. business. That said, I am not compensated for how well a product or service is reviewed or how well it does financially, just for the work I do. The only benefit I might potentially receive from a game/cartoon/comic doing well is repeat business from that client. I've freelanced for Konami, Namco Bandai and others over the years, and as it wouldn't be practical to constantly update this with what I'm working on (not to mention NDAs) know that I won't let my work get in the way of my criticism.