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I think some misunderstand, my Dating Adzuken articles are for people who DON'T have an interest in dating sims. Today's entry, True Love, is more about history and nakedness.


Gosh, searching for a new dating sim on Steam is a whole new level of dangerous. It quickly goes from, "Oh, this looks cute," to immediately backing out of the store page.


If I keep reviewing ecchi games like KukkoroDay, someone's going to start thinking I'm a pervert. But I swear, I only play them for their cute love stories. You believe me, right?


Oh, right. I was trying to make #sadsongsunday a thing. You can't throw a rock at Elliot Smith's discography without hitting something heartbreaking. But perhaps the saddest songs were released after he committed suicide.


Review: Phoenotopia Awakening

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was a massive departure from the original title. More linear, carefully metered progress, and with more RPG elements. It bore few similarities to its predecessor with its unique mix of top-down overworld expl...


My dating experience goes catastrophically wrong in this week's Dating Adzuken. This time it's all Nicole's fault.


I bumped into a fellow community member in the street yesterday, but they were being responsible and wearing a mask, so I didn't recognize them. If this is you in the picture, just know that I wasn't trying to ignore you, I was just in a hurry.


I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours in Tamriel, and have never been as miserable as I've been in Elder Scrolls: Blades. This review is a chronicle of my pain.


Review: Lost Wing

I’m something of a cheerleader for rail shooters. I feel the sub-genre has still gone largely untapped, and that it’s a formula the indie market could really make work. Lost Wing is something like that. However, I’m also a...


Just going to keep this in my back pocket for next year's Pride Month.


This is the game's very first dialogue option, and it really gets straight to the point.


These days, I've been looking forward more to my Thursday dating articles. But it's Monday, so here's a review for Game Dev Story. Which, I guess is, like, a retro review now.


Review: Merchant of the Skies

I’ve been a merchant of a lot of things. The Elite series allowed me to be a space trader, Euro Truck Simulator let me try my hand at terrestrial trade, and Wall Street Kid had me trading stocks directly. Now it’s time for Merc...


I don't normally like to spoil anything from my future articles, but this image was burned into my brain and now you must suffer too.


I’ll join in the #shoetoid festivities. They aren’t anything special, but they go well with my dresses.


Today's Dating Adzuken is about a game that is, like, 45 minutes long. Which is roughly how long most of my previous relationships lasted. Anyway, here's Pyrite Heart.


Review: Hotel Sowls

I am, admittedly, a sucker for unique art styles. Sure, I enjoy lush graphics, beautiful pixel art, or stylish cel-shading, but they don’t grab my attention in the same way as something that forges a path in a different direction. I g...


I treated myself to the first new release I’ve bought in a long while. You all seemed to be enjoying it, so I hope you haven’t been lying this whole time.


Gosh, I know that feeling, sister.


In this week's delve into dating sims, I'm breaking hearts in Tokyo School Life. Read about me feeling guilty about a fictional character's feelings over on my blog.


Too spicy for Destructoid. I've got a review for the ecchi visual novel, Troubledays on my blog. Don't judge me.


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